Windows 10 LTSC: 4 reasons for and 5 against using this system on a home PC

Windows 10 LTSC: 4 reasons for and 5 against using this system on a home PC

Windows 10 LTSC: 4 reasons for and 5 against using this system on a home PC

June 11, 2020


And why is it better to choose Windows 10 Home or Pro.
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Windows 10 LTSC: 4 reasons for and 5 against using this system on a home PC


Among some Windows 10 users, the LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel) version of the system is popular. Previously, Microsoft called it LTSB (Long-Term Servicing Branch).

Fans are raving about this build and are looking at Home and Pro editions of Windows 10 with sympathy. Indeed, in LTSC, according to them, there are no ads, no Candy Crush Saga, it works fast, does not spy on users, and updates are rare and unobtrusive.

However, is it really that good? Here are a few pros and cons for Windows 10 LTSC so you can make the right choice.

Pros of Windows 10 LTSC

1. No annoying built-in apps

The Home and Professional editions of Windows 10 are full of unnecessary programs and ads. These are Cortana, 3D Viewer, Camera, Alarms & Clock, People, and other universal apps that would look good on tablets, but are almost useless on desktop computers.

Windows 10 LTSC lacks Universal Apps, Cortana, OneDrive, Microsoft Edge, Game Mode, and Windows Ink Workspace, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning up your system after installation. Only the bare minimum of features.

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2. Works a little faster

Due to the lack of unnecessary programs, Windows 10 LTSC runs faster even on fairly old hardware. Although in terms of speed it is far from Windows 7 and even more so Linux.

Therefore, such a system is often chosen by owners of not the newest computers. Where a freshly installed Windows 10 Home or Pro will struggle to install app updates from the Microsoft Store, the long-term support version will run somewhat faster. You can’t argue with that.

3. Takes up less disk space

In addition, Windows 10 LTSC takes up slightly less disk space than the Pro version of the system. This can be useful if you desperately need to install Windows on a computer with a small amount of internal memory – for example, on a Chinese laptop with a 64 GB eMMC drive.

In addition, subjectively, LTSC works better with HDDs. Installing Windows 10 Home or Pro not on an SSD is a real torment. And LTSC is quite capable of working on an old hard drive.

4. Less distraction with updates

Windows 10 LTSB rarely receives global updates, only security patches. Since almost no new features are added to it, the update process is faster, even on older computers with a HDD. Therefore, the owners of such a system spend less time waiting in front of the “Please wait, the update is being installed” screen.

Cons of Windows 10 LTSC

1. Still have telemetry

Many users naively believe that by installing the LTSC version, they will deprive Microsoft of the ability to collect telemetry from their computers. Now, it’s not like that. The corporation is watching you, even if you’re on Windows 10 Long Term Support.

And even if an advanced user sets the AllowTelemetry parameter to 0 in the policy editor, he will not disable data collection, but only transfer it to mode security level. That is, Microsoft will receive information about your PC, but in slightly smaller volumes.

2. The system is vulnerable

Windows 10 users traditionally dislike updates and try by hook or by crook to turn them off. LTSC receives few updates, only security patches, which is why it is loved.

However, according to Microsoft itself, new protection and error correction features are installed on the LTSC version of Windows 10 later than on other editions of the operating system.

In LTSC, bugs and bugs are fixed later than in other editions of Windows 10.

Therefore, when another hole is discovered in Windows 10, and Microsoft releases an urgent security update, it will reach users of LTSC versions last.

3. The system does not support new features

Due to the fact that the LTSC version is rarely updated, its owners have to wait a long time for the appearance of features that owners of Windows 10 Home or Pro already have. For example, interface improvements and fixes,

This applies not only to software capabilities, but also to hardware. As Microsoft itself admits, LTSC has not kept pace with new generations of processors, so some of the features of new generations of chips are not implemented in it. So if you’ve built a cool gaming PC and want to squeeze all the performance out of it, Windows 10 LTSC is definitely not for you.

4. No Microsoft Store here

Despite the fact that there are not many useful programs in the Microsoft Store, they are still there, and sometimes you want to install them. In addition, this store has quite a few games available with an Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription. But LTSC users will be deprived of all this goodness. A trifle, but unpleasant.

In addition, as of January 2020, Microsoft Office 365 is no longer supported on the LTSC version of Windows.

If you need programs or games from Microsoft, then LTSC is not suitable.

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5. The system cannot be used legally

Unfortunately, at home…






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