Who are cuckolds and why do they like cheating partners

Who are cuckolds and why do they like cheating partners

Who are cuckolds and why do they like cheating partners

December 13, 2020

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Infidelity does not always bring suffering. Sometimes it is a special kind of erotic pleasure.

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Liudmyla Semivolos

Who are cuckolds and why do they like cheating partners


What does the word cuckold mean

Since the Middle Ages, cuckolded husbands have been contemptuously called cuckolds, unaware that they are raising children from other men. An offensive word was invented in England, changing the name of the bird – the cuckoo, which is known for its manner of throwing eggs into other people’s nests.

In our era, the old insult has acquired a new meaning. Cuckolding is when you get sexual pleasure from the betrayal of a permanent partner. A cuckold man becomes aroused by watching his woman – a sex wyf (from the English sex wife, “wife for sex”) – makes love to another.

There is a separate term for a cuckold woman, cuckquean, but the Russian feminist has not yet taken root. You need to understand that such a girl does not just tolerate her partner’s betrayals, but, on the contrary, encourages them and actively participates in choosing a mistress.

What do cuckolds do

Cuckolding is not swinging, where there is a voluntary exchange of partners. In this case, one of the couple (usually a man) does not participate in the sexual act, but only watches him from the side.

At the same time, a cuckold is not a voyeur who spying on love games in secret. It can be said that he is the initiator and the main spectator. Everything happens only with his permission and approval.

Scenarios of cuckolding are different. Sometimes the husband is personally present at the betrayal of his wife – with the consent of the third participant in the action. And vice versa. Other couples agree that the sexwife or its male counterpart will send photos and text messages from the “scene”. But often cuckolds are content with detailed stories of partners about how everything went. The more details, the better.

Regardless of the implementation, “left” connections are possible only with the consent of both partners and absolute trust between them. If you start running on dates secretly from a half or fall in love with another, this is no longer cuckolding, but a real betrayal.

Why you might like cuckolding

Gathering material for books Tell Me What You Want, social psychologist Justin Lemiller found that 79% of men and 62% of women are excited about an open relationship. At the same time, 58% of the surveyed guys and a third of the girls admitted that they have erotic fantasies on the topic “I’m watching my partner make love to another person.”

It would seem that thoughts of betrayal should cause negative emotions, and not a surge of sexual desire. But this is only at first glance. There are at least five factors that can turn infidelity into pleasure.

1. Biological scenario

In his book Insatiable Wives (“Insatiable Wives”), clinical psychologist David Jay Ley puts forward a version that male cuckolding is involved in evolutionary mechanisms.

An explosion of libido is a natural reaction to the threat that an attractive woman to you can conceive offspring from another man. The reproductive system begins to work at full capacity, giving out shock doses of testosterone. Passionate sex with a cheater, a powerful orgasm – and now your sperm takes over the opponent’s genetic material. You are a victor in the race for procreation, and therefore for immortality.

Even if you use modern contraceptives and do not plan to have children in the coming years, the script laid down tens of thousands of years ago still works flawlessly. Male cuckolds, without realizing it, use it to get excited and get incomparable pleasure.

2. Compression

The pleasure of betrayal by regular partners may be associated with a feeling inaccessible to many compression – the ability to feel euphoria from the fact that a loved one is well with someone else. Compersion is the opposite of jealousy.

3. Breaking a taboo

The trigger for libido is often the thought that your couple is breaking a taboo—in this case, undermining the foundations of a monogamous marriage. And the forbidden always attracts and excites.

4. BDSM addiction

Couples practicing BDSM can also enjoy cuckolding. Men and women who enjoy the submissive role enjoy the feeling of rejection. And if a partner additionally insults them in the process of betrayal, this can aggravate emotions even more.

The main reward awaits cuckolds when, after all the humiliations experienced, the mistress or master nevertheless returns to the bedroom and descends to sex with a slave or slave.

5. Feeling of control and possession

Some cuckolds, on the other hand, are turned on by a sense of control. More often this applies to the representatives of the stronger sex. A man generously “shares” his girlfriend, feeling not humiliation, but pride that he owns a treasure that rivals dream of getting. In this scenario, it is important that the sexwife report in as much detail as possible about her experience. And in no case did she fall in love with another, remembering who her real owner was.

Who is cuckolding for?

If both partners sincerely accept the rules of the game, then how show studies, cuckolding can even improve relationships. Some couples note that with the transition to conscious cheating, they began to trust each other more and can discuss …






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