Which is correct: windy or windy

Which is correct: windy or windy

Which is correct: windy or windy

September 2, 2019

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The correct spelling must be remembered as an exception to the general rule.
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Which is correct: windy or windy


According to norms Russian language, with double n suffixes are written -enn(th), -stvennny, -enn(s) and -onn (th) adjectives formed from nouns, for example straw, dining, vital, temporary.

However, contrary to this rule, in the adjective suffix windy only one is used n. This word must be remembered as an exception. Probablythis happened because it was not formed from a noun wind – as is commonly believed in modern Russian, but from an obsolete imperfective verb wind.

Often the question arises whether the spelling of an adjective depends windy whether it is used directly or indirectly.

Literally windy means “accompanied by the wind”: windy weather, windy winter. The indirect meaning of the word implies frivolity, inconstancy, frivolity: windy act, windy behavior.

However, it doesn’t matter which meaning is meant. Windy in phrases windy evening and windy man spelled equally.

Language norm with one n keepingetsya and in single-root words: windy, windiness, anemone, anemone. With the only n also spelled as an adjective wind in the meaning of “driven by the power of the wind”: windmill, wind turbine. In the names of the disease – chickenpox, chicken pox also alone n.

True, all of the above does not apply to educated from windy prefix adjectives. They spell double n: windless day, windy or the lee side of the ship, weathered cheeks, weathered cheese.

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