Which is correct: fetish or fetish

Which is correct: fetish or fetish

Which is correct: fetish or fetish

September 27, 2019

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If you know the etymology, remembering the correct stress is not at all difficult.
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Which is correct: fetish or fetish


Word, denoting the cult of inanimate objects or the object of blind worship, goes back to the Latin facticius – “artificial, fake.” By borrowing this root passed into French language. Later, the noun fétiche migrated to Russian and to this day retains the accent of the original language: fetish.

At least in the nominative case accepted say exactly that. But in indirect cases, options are possible: fetish and fetish, fetish and fetish.

As a rule, in French, the stress most often falls on the last syllable. And if you fix for yourself that fetish – this is something from this country, it will be easier to remember the correct option. And you can also memorize a short rhyme:

Where are you in such a hurry?

After all, work is not a fetish.

By the way, many Russian words borrowed from French (they are also called gallicisms) retain their original stress on the last syllable: lampshade, subscription, apricot, benefit performance, bistro, engraver, dispensary, blinds, parterre, music stand.

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