What to give mom for Christmas

What to give mom for Christmas

What to give mom for Christmas

November 25

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Gifts that will please the dearest person and make life easier.
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What to give mom for Christmas


1. Plaid

A blanket is the perfect gift for cozy winter evenings. Especially if it is soft, large-knit or with unusual sleeves. In any case, this beautiful and practical thing will not only warm, but also cheer you up.

What to buy

  • Large knit blanket from AliExpress, from 1,764 cents →
  • Plaid with pom-poms from Sofi De Marco, 3 640 cents →
  • Plaid with knitted braids from Qwerty, 1 268 cents →
  • Blanket with sheep pattern from Loom, 3 250 cents →

2. A set of cosmetics

Surely mom will like a set of products for complex skin care of the body or face. Just do not give something simple and inexpensive. She will buy this for herself. On New Year’s Eve, it is better to treat your mother to something that she has long dreamed of.

What to buy

  • Facial care set from Clarins, 8 625 cents →
  • Body care set from La Roche-Posay, 2,550 cents →
  • Estee Lauder Facial Set, 9,999 cents →
  • Yves Rocher hair care set, 749 cents →
  • Set for body and hand care from L’Occitane, 4 690 cents →

3. Photo frame

A useful gadget for easy viewing of photos. It will replace albums, allow you not to spend money on printing pictures, and even show a video. In addition, mom will always be surrounded by pleasant memories of happy moments.

What to buy

  • Digital photo frame with remote control from AliExpress, 4 368 cents →
  • Digital photo frame with built-in calendar and clock Digma PF-843, 3 616 cents →
  • Digital photo frame with calendar, clock and remote control Digma PF‑1043, 5 395 cents →
  • Digital photo frame with alarm clock and calendar Digma PF-932, 5 875 cents →

4. Towel

This necessary thing will definitely not gather dust in the closet. You can buy cute models with New Year’s prints. Or choose solid colors, but pack them nicely. A great gift would also be sets of several towels for different needs.

What to buy

  • A set of kitchen towels from Unison, 580 cents →
  • Bath towel from La Redoute Interieurs, 659 cents →
  • Jacquard terry towel from La Redoute Interieurs, 1,007 cents →

5. Teapot

This gift will come in handy during family tea parties. The main thing is to choose one that looks beautiful and unusual and fits into the interior of the kitchen.

What to buy

  • Glass teapot with strainer from AliExpress, from 822 cents →
  • Tea set of five items on a wooden stand from Elan Gallery, 2 847 cents →
  • Teapot with a sieve in the spout from Lecafeier, 590 cents →

6. Multibaker

A miracle device that, thanks to interchangeable panels, can replace a conventional grill, waffle iron, sandwich maker and more. In addition, a useful little thing takes up a minimum of space in the kitchen.

Usually only one replacement panel is included. Therefore, to surely please your mother, buy a couple more.

What to buy

  • Multibaker Redmond RMB-M619/5, 6 499 cents →
  • Multibaker Redmond RMB‑611, 4,799 cents →
  • Multibaker Redmond RMB-M607, 7 190 cents →

7. Massager

The massager will relieve stress after a hard day, relax and give a feeling of lightness. You can use it at home without wasting time visiting massage parlors.

What to buy

  • Heated foot massager from AliExpress, 4 986 cents →
  • Massage brush for the face from Supra, 1 596 cents →
  • Neck massager Medisana NM 866, 2 643 cents →

8. Jars for spices

Another must have in the kitchen. You can buy minimalistic metal jars with a magnetic holder or unusual options with patterns. The main thing is that they fit the interior and please your mother.

What to buy

  • A set of metal jars for spices with stickers and a magnetic holder from AliExpress, from 478 cents →
  • Set for storing spices from Elan Gallery, 862 cents →
  • Set for spices with a wooden stand from Mayer & Boch, 3 887 cents →
  • 5-piece spice set from Mayer & Boch, 774 cents →

9. Slippers

Soft house slippers will remind mom of you every time she puts them on. And they will also warm your feet on winter evenings and add comfort even on the most ordinary day. There are a lot of options: with a fur trim, interesting patterns, pompoms or animal faces.

What to buy

  • Slippers with fur trim from AliExpress, 647 cents →
  • Soft slippers with pompon from Ralf Ringer, 3 990 cents →
  • Slippers with pom-poms from T.Taccardi, 699 cents →
  • Slippers with a bow from Smile of Milady, 799 cents →

10. Manicure set

Bringing beauty to the hands at home is possible if mom has a cool manicure set with all the necessary tools and accessories. You can change the design of nails at least every day and process them as needed, and not when there are empty seats in the salon.

What to buy

  • A set with a UV lamp, nail files, gel polishes and other manicure accessories from AliExpress, 1,674 cents →
  • Device with nozzles for hardware manicure and pedicure from Sanitas, 1,899 cents →

11. Flower pots

Lovers of indoor plants can be presented with beautiful flower pots, planters and fresh flowers, which, with proper care, will delight for many years.

What to buy

  • A set of three ceramic pots and a wooden stand from AliExpress, 1,331 cents →
  • Levitating pot with a magnetic platform from AliExpress, 4 380 cents →
  • Azalea mont blanc, 1 300 cents →
  • A set of three pots with wooden stands, 2,231 cents →

12. Confectionery

If your mom loves to bake cakes, cupcakes and various pastries, please her with a set of baking decorating tools….






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