What to give a man for the New Year: 30 great ideas

What to give a man for the New Year: 30 great ideas

What personal care accessories to give a man for the New Year

1. Razor

A razor or a straight razor will be useful for a man who wants to achieve the maximum smoothness of his face. Of course, the T-shaped metal model looks more impressive than the usual one made of plastic. But not everyone wants to take risks and carefully monitor every movement so as not to cut themselves. In this case, it is better to give a high-quality electric razor.

What to buy

  • T‑shaped razor MUHLE Traditional, 5 075 rubles →
  • Straight razor The Bluebeards Revenge, 2,100 rubles →
  • Electric shaver Philips S1231/41, 4 699 rubles →

2. Nose and ear trimmer

A useful device will help you quickly and easily tidy up the area of ​​​​the nose and ears. You can give a universal model with additional nozzles also for eyebrow correction.

What to buy

  • Trimmer for nose, ears and eyebrows Philips NT3650/16, 1 490 rubles →
  • Nose and ear trimmer Remington Nano Series NE3850, 2 499 rubles →
  • Trimmer for nose, ears and eyebrows Xiaomi Soocas from AliExpress, 992 rubles →

3. Beard Grooming Kit

Anyone who wants to grow a beautiful beard and mustache will definitely need care products. Give a set of oil, conditioner and wax. If a man does not yet have all the necessary accessories, then please him with a set of combs, brushes and scissors.

What to buy

  • A set for a beard and mustache (five items) from Axioma, 3,100 rubles →
  • A set of combs, wax and oil from Captain Fawcett, 7 210 rubles →
  • Barbaro beard and face set, 400 rubles →

4. Clipper

This gift is useful for a man for trimming his beard and cutting with high precision or removing volume of hair – depending on the nozzles used. With such an accessory, you can do without a visit to the hairdresser for a longer time. In some cases, a nose and ear trimmer is added to the kit.

What to buy

  • Rechargeable hair clipper from Moser, 15,500 rubles →
  • Haircut set from Philips, 4 490 rubles →
  • Wireless hair trimmer from AliExpress, from 937 rubles →

5. Irrigator

An irrigator is a great addition to a regular toothbrush. It will help to thoroughly clean the oral cavity, especially the interdental spaces and gum pockets. The jet pressure level can be adjusted, so this gift is also suitable for men with sensitive teeth.

What to buy

  • Philips HX8438/01 irrigator with AirFloss Ultra nozzle, 10,999 rubles →
  • Irrigator with four nozzles Xiaomi Mijia MEO701 from AliExpress, from 2,402 rubles →
  • Stationary irrigator with a set of five nozzles Waterpulse V300G from AliExpress, 2,285 rubles →






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