What to give a man for his birthday

What to give a man for his birthday

What to give a man for his birthday

January 17

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Lifehacker has collected dozens of ideas for every taste.
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What to give a man for his birthday


What to give a man who loves his car

1. DVR

A useful and necessary thing that will constantly monitor the traffic situation and provide iron arguments for proceedings with traffic police inspectors and other drivers in case of trouble on the road. After installation, it is configured once, and then it just works.

What to buy

  • DVR with GPS 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus + A500S, 5 349 cents →
  • Compact DVR Pioneer VREC-170RS, 9 190 cents →
  • DVR with radar detector SilverStone F1, 14 990 cents →

2. Car vacuum cleaner

The compact device for maintaining cleanliness in the cabin is powered by a cigarette lighter and takes up minimal space. Replaceable nozzles and an extension hose will allow you to vacuum even in the gaps between the seats and other hard-to-reach places.

What to buy

  • Compact car vacuum cleaner, 75 W, Kitfort KT-537, 1,571 cents →
  • Car vacuum cleaner with a turbo brush, 150 W, AVS Turbo PA-1011, 2,615 cents →
  • Wireless car vacuum cleaner with a set of accessories, 80 W, Akenori VP550, 3 608 cents →

3. Tool kit

Drivers who prefer to service their favorite car with their own hands will definitely need a tool kit. The handy storage case contains sockets, wrenches, bits and everything you might need for minor repairs and maintenance.

What to buy

  • A set of 12 wrenches in a case from Zubr, 1,423 cents →
  • A set of tools for a car of 94 items in a case from Deko, 2,599 cents →
  • A set of automotive tools from 101 items in a case from Jonnesway, 16,320 cents →

4. Multitool

It is inconvenient to carry a knife, pliers and a full set of tools with you all the time, and it is not always necessary. The minimum gentleman’s set will be a good multitool, where there are the same pliers, a knife, screwdrivers and a host of other useful little things that you may need in a car.

What to buy

  • Multitool Roadlike RL9 with 13 functions, 2 205 cents →
  • Multi-tool pliers Gerber Truss with 17 functions, 7 010 cents →
  • Multitool Leatherman Wave plus with 17 functions, from 15,800 cents →

5. Seat covers

You can save the original upholstery or, conversely, radically transform an interior that has already been worn out by time with the help of covers. There are many options for capes with a universal size, made from a variety of materials: eco-leather, velor, faux fur, polyester. The design is easy to match the color of the interior or the tastes of the owner.

What to buy

  • Covers for all seats and headrests made of artificial leather from Carowell, 2,490 cents →
  • Fur capes for the front seats from Senator, 2 831 cents →
  • Capes for the front seats and headrests made of eco-leather and velveteen from PSV, 3,889 cents →

What to give a man who is fond of sports

1. Dumbbells

Having a set of a pair of dumbbells, you can fully train without leaving your home. It is good if the projectile will have a rubberized coating so as not to damage the floor. And if the dumbbells are also collapsible, with the ability to adjust the weight, the hero of the occasion will only thank you.

What to buy

  • Collapsible dumbbell made of chrome steel weighing 15 kg from Atlant-Sport, 4,080 cents →
  • A set of two collapsible steel dumbbells of 7.5 kg from Start Up, 4,399 cents →
  • A set of two collapsible dumbbells of 10 kg from Decathlon, 6 557 cents →

2. Push-ups

Push-ups are the easiest way to keep fit. Of course, the exercise can be performed just on the floor. However, with such stops, it becomes possible to increase the load, as well as to focus on the study of various muscle groups.

What to buy

  • S‑shaped stops made of steel with neoprene pads from Atemi, 960 cents →
  • Folding platform for push-ups for nine positions, 1,048 cents →
  • Set of push-ups with neoprene pads from Nike, 3,051 cents →

3. Horizontal bar

The horizontal bar is a real classic of physical training. A variety of models allows you to fix the simulator in a doorway, corner or on a free section of the wall. The most functional option is a horizontal bar bar. On this you can pull up, push up and pump the press.

What to buy

  • Wall horizontal bar for three grips from Absolute Champion, 1 414 cents →
  • Reinforced horizontal bars 3 in 1 from Absolute Champion, 3,150 cents →
  • Wall and hanging horizontal bar 3 in 1 from Borabo, 7,190 cents →

4. Sports bag

For training in the gym, you need a change of clothes and shoes that you need to wear and store in something. The best option is a roomy sports bag with a compartment for sneakers, which, of course, will fit the rest of the equipment for classes.

What to buy

  • Sports bag with water-repellent impregnation with a volume of 40 liters from Sarabella, 990 cents →
  • Sports bag made of polyester with a volume of 25 l with handles and a belt from Demix, 2 399 cents →
  • Sports bag made of wear-resistant textiles with a volume of 27 liters from Puma, 7,990 cents →

5. Sports bottle

Maintaining water balance during sports is very important. Special sports bottles, unlike ordinary ones, can be opened with one hand, without wasting time unscrewing the cap. They are made of durable plastic or metal, and also have convenient clips on the body for fastening.

What to buy

  • Tritan bottle 800 ml from Vottler, 699 cents →
  • ABS plastic bottle with valve…






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