What swimsuit to buy in 2022 to look great

What swimsuit to buy in 2022 to look great

What swimsuit to buy in 2022 to look great

June 25, 2022

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Cutouts, ties, spectacular decor – designers offer many ideas for creating bright images.
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Mila Cymbal

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What swimsuit to buy in 2022 to look great

1. Swimsuit with buckle

In past seasons, models with thin straps were popular, in this season – with massive buckles. Designers decorate both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits with a noticeable detail. In the first case, a wide belt will emphasize the waistline, in the second case, it will add an interesting accent to the image.

What to buy

  • Separate swimsuit with a one-shoulder bodice from Minaku, 3,439 cents →
  • Separate swimsuit made of smooth fabric from AliExpress, 713 cents →
  • Dark green one-piece swimsuit from Minaku, 4 879 cents →
  • One-piece swimsuit with a round buckle from Mozzito, 3,770 cents →
  • One-piece swimsuit with thin straps from Infinity Lingerie, 1 999 cents →
  • One-piece swimsuit with a removable belt from AliExpress, 832 cents →

2. Textured swimsuit

From wrinkled fabric, ribbed, knitted – any of these models will help you create a trendy beach look. A special chic is an openwork swimsuit, as if crocheted. When choosing this option, remember that it will not work evenly in it.

What to buy

  • The top of the corrugated jersey swimsuit from La Redoute, 1 340 cents →
  • Lilac one-piece swimsuit from Gloria Jeans, 1 399 cents →
  • Separate ribbed fabric swimsuit from AliExpress, 804 cents →
  • Separate openwork swimsuit from AliExpress, 487 cents →
  • Separate blue swimsuit from Befree, 1 169 cents →

3. Swimsuit with metal details

Beach dress code usually does not include an abundance of accessories. Fashionistas who want to look spectacular always and everywhere should take a closer look at the options with an unusual decor. A swimsuit with large rings, sparkling chains and other metal details will help you create an elegant look even on vacation.

What to buy

  • One-piece swimsuit with metal rings from DeFacto, 1 499 cents →
  • One-piece swimsuit with a metal detail from La Redoute, 7 549 cents →
  • Separate swimsuit with a bandeau top from AliExpress, 831 cents →
  • Bright blue two-piece swimsuit made of textured fabric from AliExpress, 831 cents →
  • Separate swimsuit with chains from AliExpress, 317 cents →

4. Swimsuit made of shiny fabric

Another trendy option that will add chic and festivity to your beach wardrobe. There are no special requirements for the style of a swimsuit – the main thing is that it shimmers and sparkles under the bright rays of the summer sun.

What to buy

  • One-piece swimsuit with golden sequins from Сotazur, 6 519 cents →
  • One-piece swimsuit made of fabric with lurex from Indefini, 3 399 cents →
  • Separate silver-colored swimsuit from Dali, 4 999 cents →
  • Separate swimsuit with a one-shoulder bodice from Chiara Ferragni, 18,820 cents →
  • Separate swimsuit with shiny strings from AliExpress, 648 cents →

5. Retro swimsuit

This swimsuit is easy to recognize by the high waistline (if we are talking about separate models) and high cutouts on the hips. This option will not only allow you to look trendy, but also visually lengthen your legs – a great bonus to a fashionable look.

What to buy

  • Separate swimsuit with a bandeau top from Delice, 4,550 cents →
  • One-piece swimsuit with a deep neckline from AliExpress, from 816 cents →
  • One-piece swimsuit with ties on the hips from Ivyrevel, 2 711 cents →
  • Separate swimsuit with cups from AliExpress, from 508 cents →

6. Swimsuit with cups

Swimsuit is ideal for those with large breasts. Fashionistas in size D+ used to prefer this particular option, but in the summer of 2022, the supportive bodice has become not a forced necessity, but a hot trend.

What to buy

  • Swimsuit made of shiny fabric with cups from Minaku, 2 879 cents →
  • Separate swimsuit with floral print from Infinity Lingerie, 1 199 cents →
  • Separate swimsuit with leopard print from Indefini, 4 099 cents →
  • Separate swimsuit with lacing on panties from Delice, 4 940 cents →
  • The top of the swimsuit with a floral print from La Redoute, 3 449 cents →

7. Swimsuit with cutouts

The secret to the success of this long-lived trend is the lack of rigid design requirements. With holes on the sides that emphasize the waist, with cuts on the stomach, back or collarbone – any of these options will be relevant.

What to buy

  • Pastel-colored one-piece swimsuit with a cutout on the side from Zarina, 3,399 cents →
  • Black one-piece swimsuit with cutouts and perforations from Jolifashn, 6,000 cents →
  • Separate swimsuit with a cutout on the bodice from Katerina Riazanova, 6 900 cents →
  • Orange one-piece swimsuit with a cutout on the chest from Rene Santi, 5 520 cents →
  • Separate swimsuit with cutouts on the bodice and panties from Seafolly Australia, 8 100 cents →

8. Tie swimsuit

Ties can give an interesting look to even the simplest swimsuit. Choose a model with long ropes if you want to tie them in different ways to your taste.

What to buy

  • Separate swimsuit made of velvet fabric from Minaku, 3,599 cents →
  • Separate swimsuit with wide ribbons and cutouts on panties from AliExpress, from 778 cents→
  • Separate swimsuit with strings from AliExpress, 681 cents →
  • Two-piece khaki swimsuit from Mozzito, 6,100 cents →
  • Separate swimsuit with tassels on ties from AliExpress, 682 cents →

9. Swimsuit-bodysuit

We are talking about one-piece and maximally closed swimsuits with wide straps. Such models can be combined with skirts, shorts and shirts. To walk along the promenade or have a bite to eat in a cafe, you don’t have to completely change clothes.

What to buy

  • One-piece…






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