Jet orgasm: what is it and how to achieve it

Jet orgasm: what is it and how to achieve it

Jet orgasm: what is it and how to achieve it

September 9, 2020


This kind of pleasure is available only to every second woman.
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Ekaterina Komissarova

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Jet orgasm: what is it and how to achieve it


What is a jet orgasm?

A jet orgasm (squirting, from English squirting – “splash, beat with a jet”) is a female type of orgasm, which is accompanied by the release of fluid from the urethra. Moreover, moisture is not just released, but beats with a real stream – just like with ejaculation in men.

This liquid is called squirtingor female ejaculate.

What kind of liquid is released during squirting?

With a jet orgasm stands out up to 3 teaspoons of squirt – a colorless moisture with a natural bodily odor.

Supposedthat squirt is a cocktail of urea, creatinine, and secretion produced by the glands Skin – they are located at the lower end of the urethra and are the female analogue of the prostate.

But the debate about the composition of the liquid is still ongoing. So, the authors of one small research claim that squirt is just urine. However, their conclusions are based on the study of jet orgasm in only seven participants, and the results of sexologists remained questions.

Can all women experience a jet orgasm?

Is not a fact. Research on squirting is inconsistent. On the one hand, the physiology of women is arranged in such a way that, in theory, they are able to achieve a jet orgasm. But in practice, this is not available to everyone.

According to preliminary estimates, a jet orgasm can test only 10-54% of women.

Whether you fall into the number of lucky ones, you can find out only by trying to cause squirting.

How to cause a jet orgasm?

To increase the chances of success, girls need to follow a few important rules.

1. Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

In simple terms, do Kegel exercises. The simplest of them looks like this: imagine that you really want to go to the toilet, and squeeze your muscles as if you want to hold back urination. Keep this state for 5-7 seconds, relax, repeat 10-12 times.

This exercise in itself is very healthy for women’s health, as it increases the tone of the walls of the vagina and reduces the risk of prolapse of the genital organs (for example, prolapse of the uterus). In addition, trained pelvic floor muscles are the key to bright, sensitive orgasmsincluding inkjet.

2. Go to the bathroom before squirting

The sensations during squirting are very close to those that a woman experiences when she urinates. Making sure your bladder is empty will take the worry out of “What if I just pee” and allow you to relax.

3. Put a couple of towels or a waterproof blanket on the bed

So as not to worry about the laundry that you may flood.

4. Find the G-spot

It is the stimulation of the G area that provides the necessary massage to Skene’s gland and can ultimately lead to an impressive jet orgasm.

Gently insert your fingers or a sex toy, such as a vibrator, into your vagina. Start with light movements to relax and surrender to the sensations as much as possible. Then massage the area on the front wall of the vagina to feel for the so-called G-spot. As a rule, it situated at a depth of 2-3 centimeters from the entrance. When you find the area that feels the most vivid to touch, start gently pressing on it. It is pressing that activates Skene’s glands, in which the female secret is formed.

Take your time: for the first time, stimulation can take a long time. Some Sex Therapists they say at least 20-30 minutes.

When there is very little left before the jet orgasm, you will feel the urge to urinate. Do not forget that this is most likely a deceptive sensation: your bladder is empty. So relax, try to unclench your pelvic floor muscles. When you succeed, squirting will happen.

What will be the first jet orgasm?

Hardly too wet. For the first time, the liquid will not splash out in a jet: most likely, the amount of squirt will be insignificant.

But if you continue to practice jet orgasm regularly, the volume of the secret may increase (but not the fact: there is still too little scientific research on squirting to categorically state anything). If you’re lucky, one day the ejaculate will really turn into a jet.

By the way, if for the first time stimulation is necessary with hands or a vibrator, then in the future a jet orgasm can be achieved with vaginal sex. Only the position should be chosen so that the penis presses on the G-spot (for example, reverse cowgirl).

Is it possible to achieve a jet orgasm without a partner?

Yes, it is quite possible to squirt alone.

True, it can be uncomfortable for a girl to get the G-spot with her own fingers. Therefore, pay attention to special vibrators for masturbation – with a curved head.

The G-spot stimulator is inserted into the vagina, turning so that the tip massages the anterior wall. Then turn on the vibration. You need to start with slow modes. Drive the head of the device up and down, slightly immersing and removing it. In this case, you can press on the desired area – the excitement will increase.

Gradually change the mode of operation of the vibrator, increasing the speed and pressure. This will increase arousal. If you do everything right, soon…






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