Is it possible to wash at a temperature

Is it possible to wash at a temperature

Is it possible to wash at a temperature

April 20, 2022

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It all depends on what the water is like.
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Is it possible to wash at a temperature


Can water procedures harm

elevated temperature consider indicators from 37.2 ° C, fever – from 38 ° C. The latter is usually accompanied a host of unpleasant sensations, including trembling, headache, weakness and sweating.

In itself, fever is not a disease, it only indicates that the body is currently struggling with some kind of problem. Most often with infection.

And in the same way, an increase in temperature is not a contraindication to water procedures. So if you have a desire to go to the shower or soak in the bath – please.

How to wash at a temperature so that everything is fine

There are several points that are important to consider.

Use warm water

Bathing in warm water (about 40 °C) will help slightly lower body temperature and alleviate the condition.

Such washing will not hurt children either, and babies up to a year old can be wiped with a damp towel. This way is good works together with antipyretic drugs and allows you to bring down the temperature within 30 minutes.

Don’t take cold showers or baths

It seems logical to cool a hot body with ice water, but in reality this will only make things worse.

Cold water constricts blood vessels in the skin and Maybe cause shivering, an involuntary muscle contraction that raises temperature, doubles oxygen consumption, and activates the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system.

In other words, it will provide additional stress to your body, all the resources of which are involved in the fight against infection or another cause of fever.

In some cases, washing at a temperature is still not worth it

A warm bath may relieve the condition, but some symptoms you should postpone home remedies and consult a doctor. Call an ambulance if:

  • the temperature has risen above 39.5 ° C, lasts longer than two hours and does not lend itself to home methods to bring it down;
  • fever lasts longer than two days;
  • fever accompanied by rash;
  • photophobia appeared – irritation from light;
  • dehydration is observed – a small amount of dark-colored urine, a feeling of dryness in the eyes, no tears;
  • convulsions began.

Temperatures above 40.5 °C are life threatening. So, if you see such a value on the thermometer, you cannot postpone the call to the ambulance – call it immediately.

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