How to put things in a suitcase so that everything fits and nothing is wrinkled

How to put things in a suitcase so that everything fits and nothing is wrinkled

How to put things in a suitcase so that everything fits and nothing is wrinkled

March 7

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How to put things in a suitcase so that everything fits and nothing is wrinkled


What to consider when packing your suitcase

  1. In order not to forget anything, make a list of necessary things. Then reread it and think about which items can be replaced with more compact ones, and which ones you can not take with you at all. For convenience, use Lifehacker’s ready-made lists for different trips.
  2. Make a set of clothes for each day of the trip. Try to combine things so that you do not have to take too much.
  3. When choosing clothes, shoes and accessories, consider the weather and how you will be spending your time. Do not take things in reserve, otherwise they may lie in the suitcase for the whole trip.
  4. Do not take with you what you can buy cheaply at your destination. We are talking, for example, about toothpaste, soap or a beach hat.
  5. At the bottom of the suitcase, it is better to put heavy voluminous things and things that will not be needed soon. Accordingly, at the very top, put what you can immediately come in handy. For example, sleepwear or toiletries.
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How to fold shoes and socks compactly

Folding shoes just like that without putting anything inside is not the smartest idea. After all, about 6-8 pairs of socks will fit in one pair of closed shoes.

Frames: Lifehacker / YouTube

We talked in detail about how to fold socks most compactly in a separate article.

The shoes themselves can be placed in ordinary plastic bags and spread out along the edges of the suitcase. There it will take up less space than at the bottom.

Video: Lifehacker / YouTube

If you want it to look neater, use special shoe covers. Free space in them can be filled with some little things. For example, the same socks.

Bulk cases with large shoes are best placed tightly at the bottom of the suitcase. Small cases with flat models will not take up much space. So they can be placed on folded things at the very end.

How to fold clothes compactly

To prevent the clothes from wrinkling, it is best to roll them up or fold them on top of each other in a special way. Lifehacker made a video instruction:

So we will not dwell on this method. But about how to roll things in rolls, it is worth telling in more detail.

How to roll up your pants

Suit pants should be folded in half across and, starting from the fold, twisted into a regular roll.

Jeans are best folded a little differently. Turn the top inside out and place one leg over the other. Starting from the bottom, roll up the jeans. Then wrap the folded part around it.

How to roll sweatshirts, shirts and other items with long sleeves

Lay the sleeves at an angle on the front of the sweater and fold them in the middle. Turn the bottom of the jacket inside out a few inches. Fold the right side of the jacket to the middle and cover with the left side. Starting from the neck, roll up the thing and wrap it with the folded part.

Video: Go Experimental / YouTube

Shirts are folded in the same way:

Video: Von Malegowski / YouTube

You can use an easier way: fold the shirt in half, lay the sleeves along and roll up.

How to roll t-shirts

T-shirts fold in much the same way as sweatshirts:

Video: Go Experimental / YouTube

And to save time, you can collapse them together:

Video: Go Experimental / YouTube

How to fold dresses and skirts

It is enough to fold the skirt in half lengthwise and twist it into a roll. You can do the same with dresses with short sleeves. If they are long, fold the dress by analogy with sweaters.

How to fold warm clothes

If you only need to take a couple of sweaters, sweatshirts, or other bulky items with you, you can simply fold them neatly like this:

And to save space, it is better to put them in a suitcase not on top of each other, but vertically.

A warm jacket can be folded into a tight roll and tied with elastic bands for reliability, as shown in this video:

Or fold into a bag or case.

But if there is a catastrophic lack of space in a suitcase, vacuum bags will come to the rescue. It is better to choose bags without a valve – they are also called compression bags.

Put your things in there, zip up the bag and roll it tightly into a roll. This will let the extra air out.

Video: Love and London / YouTube

How to pack a suitcase

Folded clothes can simply be laid on top of a friend or arranged in organizers. This will create order in the suitcase. And if you distribute clothes in them by type (in one organizer – jeans, in another – T-shirts, and so on), then this will also greatly facilitate the search for the right things.

Things rolled up and put into organizers take up very little space. Thus, you can fit almost a whole wardrobe, not only in a suitcase, but even in hand luggage!

Well, if you still want to put things in the old fashioned way, in a pile, use tissue paper and film. So the clothes don’t…






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