How to make cold brew – a refreshing coffee-based drink

How to make cold brew - a refreshing coffee-based drink

How to make cold brew – a refreshing coffee-based drink

June 16, 2017


To make cold brew coffee, you need a minimum of tools and ingredients.
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Pasha Prokofiev

How to make cold brew - a refreshing coffee-based drink


The main difference between cold brew and classic ice coffee is the method of preparation. Ice coffee is brewed hot, after which it is cooled. Cold brew is brewed cold. It is the second method of brewing a coffee drink that many consider preferable. The fact is that the lack of interaction with hot water and subsequent dilution give cold brew a natural taste, devoid of bitterness.

You will need:

  • coffee grinder and coffee beans or coarse ground coffee;
  • sieve;
  • muslin cloth or paper towels;
  • two large containers (one of them with a lid).


Grinding coffee

If you are not using ground coffee, run the beans through a coffee grinder. Make sure you choose the right grind level: ground coffee particles should be about the size of breadcrumbs. Using smaller grains, you risk getting a cloudy drink.

Coffee lovers recommend not taking the path of least resistance and grinding the beans roasted for espresso with your own hands: this way the drink will turn out to be more delicious.


Fill a large jar of coffee and cold water in proportions of 1:8. If you plan to drink cold brew with ice, then the proportions should be changed to 1:4. Mix thoroughly, cover and place the jar in the refrigerator. If you used proportions of 1:8, then the waiting time will be 18-24 hours. If 1: 4, then 10-12 hours will be enough.


Strain the drink through a sieve, get rid of large particles of coffee. Place a muslin cloth or a few paper towels on the cleaned sieve and strain the coffee again. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times until there are no visible particles left on the bottom of the jar. If you are not able to bring the drink to such purity, then you used too finely ground coffee.


Cold brew is ready. You can add ice, milk, cream, cherry juice or various syrups to the drink.

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