How to make beautiful paper snowflakes

How to make beautiful paper snowflakes

How to make beautiful paper snowflakes

December 16, 2021LikbezDo it yourself
Flat and voluminous figures with which you can decorate a window or room for the New Year.
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How to make beautiful paper snowflakes


How to cut flat paper snowflakes

How to fold paper

There are several ways to do this. In all cases, you will end up with a hexagonal snowflake. So choose the option that you like best.

Option 1

Cut out a square from paper. To make it from an A4 sheet, fold one short side to the long side and cut off the resulting rectangle on the side.

Frame: Amazing Easy Origami – Yakomoga / YouTube

Fold the square diagonally. Then fold the figure in half, connecting two opposite sharp corners. Do not fold the paper completely, but only mark the fold at the bottom.

Frame: Amazing Easy Origami – Yakomoga / YouTube

Unfold the figure. Fold one side up so that the bottom corner of the resulting triangle is at the mark.

Frame: Amazing Easy Origami – Yakomoga / YouTube

Bend the other part in the same way, but on the reverse side. The upper side triangles should be the same, so trim the figure if necessary.

Frame: Amazing Easy Origami – Yakomoga / YouTube

If you can’t fold the corners evenly, make a pencil markup, as shown here:

On the reverse side, lay the right side of the figure on the left, folding it in half.

Frame: Amazing Easy Origami – Yakomoga / YouTube

Turn the shape over – you will see a smooth, straight edge. Cut the paper on it. You can circle this edge with a pencil for convenience.

Frame: Amazing Easy Origami – Yakomoga / YouTube

Here is the video instruction:

Option 2

Cut out a square from paper. Fold it diagonally.

Frame: CreativeClub / YouTube

Then fold the triangle in half.

Frame: CreativeClub / YouTube

Place the resulting figure with a right angle up, and with a fold to the left. Bend the right side a little further than the middle of the triangle.

Frame: CreativeClub / YouTube

Fold the left side over to the right. The folded triangles should be the same.

Frame: CreativeClub / YouTube

On the reverse side, cut the paper along the line, as in the previous version.

Frame: CreativeClub / YouTube

visual process:

How to draw a pattern

On the resulting triangle, you need to draw only half of one vertex of the snowflake. Remember: the middle of this vertex is located on the fold of the paper blank.

Draw a pattern with a pencil. Don’t push it too hard.

Frame: Amazing Easy Origami – Yakomoga / YouTube

You can come up with a pattern yourself or use ready-made templates from the Internet. In fact, there are a lot of snowflake patterns and the drawing can be anything, because it all depends on the imagination of the painter. So don’t be afraid to show it.

How to cut a snowflake

Cut the paper along the drawn lines. Where the pattern is small, it is more convenient to use small nail scissors.

Then gently straighten the paper.

If you don’t like the folds on the snowflake, cover it with a cloth or parchment and iron it.

How to make paper snowflakes

All flat snowflakes are cut out according to the same principle, but the ways to make three-dimensional figures differ from each other.

For example, for such a fluffy decoration, you need to cut out several identical snowflakes of different sizes and stick them on top of each other:

For this snowflake, the same carved parts need to be glued in a circle:

Similar variant:

This snowflake is very easy to make but looks amazing:

To assemble such a snowflake, you will need a template. Print it out, cut out the pieces and glue them together as shown in the video:

With the help of this master class, you will create a large openwork snowflake from six identical parts:

For this similar decoration, you will also need six paper squares, but the details are glued differently:

Here is how to glue a snowflake from separate paper strips:

And here is another version of the winter figure from strips of paper:

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