How to make a compass with your own hands

How to make a compass with your own hands

How to make a compass with your own hands

August 13, 2014

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Today we want to tell and show how to make a compass from improvised means in a couple of minutes.
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Oksana Zapevalova

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How to make a compass with your own hands


A modern traveler goes on a hike armed to the teeth with technology: a smartphone, a navigator, a portable charger, a camera – this is probably not a complete list of tourist gadgets. But, as they say, rely on technology, but don’t make a mistake yourself: knowing the basics of survival in the wild has never bothered anyone. Therefore, today we want to tell you and show you how to make a compass using improvised means.

So, you will need: a water container, a needle and a piece of any floating material (styrofoam, sponge, cork or a simple sheet, as in our case).

The next steps are simple. Take a container and pour water into it. Then we take out the needle and magnetize one end of it: for this you can use a magnet, and in its absence, fabric or even your own hair. Now we install the magnetized needle on a piece of floating material and lower it into a container of water. After a while, our needle-arrow will stop oscillating, and its magnetized side will point from south to north.

Here’s what it all looks like in practice:

Now you will surely be able to navigate in unfamiliar terrain, because making such a compass will not be difficult.

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