How to make a chart in Excel

How to make a chart in Excel

How to make a chart in Excel

March 9, 2022

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This will help visualize dry and incomprehensible numbers to the audience.
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How to make a chart in Excel


Like any data tool, Excel has a charting feature. They are a graphical representation of numerical information for quickly evaluating data changes or ratios.

There are many types of charts: bar, column, pie, stock and many others. Each of them is best suited for certain cases.

In Excel, it’s easy to create any of the possible charts, and then quickly change its type, appearance, and content. Here’s how to do it.

Open the table with the data you want to graph.

Select the desired range or click on one of its cells. Go to the “Insert” tab.

Click “Recommended Charts” and select one of the options, or switch to the “All Charts” tab to view the available visualizations. Click OK.

Actually the diagram is ready. It remains to configure it if you wish. To do this, a new tab “Chart Designer” will appear on the toolbar. Using the corresponding buttons, you can add and change elements, set the appearance of the graph, or even change its type.

You can use the pop-up menu to quickly customize your chart. The plus button allows you to add or remove various chart components.

The next button is responsible for changing the chart style and color scheme.

The Filter button lets you hide or show values ​​and data names, add a legend (description), and adjust the position of all labels.

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