How to get rid of cockroaches quickly, simply, permanently

How to get rid of cockroaches quickly, simply, permanently

How to get rid of cockroaches quickly, simply, permanently

December 22, 2021

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At night, you went into the kitchen for a bite to eat, but instead of a cake, you found only crumbs and mustachioed swallows rushing in all directions? Congratulations, it’s cockroaches! But you should not be afraid, but read: how to make traps, what to buy at the pharmacy so that the insects leave, and how to wash the floors so that they never return.
Photo by Maria Pankratieva

Maria Pankratieva

How to get rid of cockroaches quickly, simply, permanently


How to understand that there are cockroaches in the apartment

  1. Black dots. If small dark balls appeared on the dishes, kitchen shelves, wallpaper, alas, they were left by cockroaches. This is what their products look like.
  2. Specific smell.
  3. Clutches with eggs in corners and crevices. If you find them, you can, of course, be glad that your apartment has officially received the status of “cockroach-friendly”, but this also means that the insects will have to be removed twice. First, the main number of pests will be destroyed, then the hatched offspring.
  4. A personal meeting. Cockroaches are curious and sociable creatures, therefore, if you do not pay attention to the alarm bells described above, sooner or later they themselves will make contact. Most often, black (up to 3 cm in length, kitchen) or red (up to 1.3 cm in length, Prussians) cockroaches start up in houses.

Why did they come to you

  1. You have a lot of delicious food. Cockroaches also love to eat. Only if you are eating sandwiches in front of the computer, they are content with little: leftover crumbs. And they also have enough open garbage bags or buckwheat scattered in the kitchen drawer.
  2. You have plenty of water available. A good lunch is a must. Therefore, puddles at the sink and a leaky shower cabin will come in handy.
  3. Your neighbors have plenty of food and water. No matter how hard you try to exterminate pests, all efforts can be broken by the stubbornness of your dirty neighbors. If you can’t agree with them, it’s enough to seal your own home: eliminate cracks and cracks.

Effective remedies for cockroaches

Folk methods

Boric acid for cockroaches is the strongest poison. Getting into the digestive tract of an insect, it affects its nervous system. The cockroach is paralyzed and dies of suffocation. It is best to use boric acid in powder, you can buy it at any pharmacy.

  • Sprinkle the powder along cockroach paths: along baseboards, at watering places (toilet, sink, shower). He will settle on the paws of an insect, and when the cockroach starts to clean them, he will fall into the stomach.
  • Make delicious baits: mix mashed potatoes, egg yolk, sugar or flour with boric acid and roll the resulting mass into balls. Spread them out wherever malicious barbels can run.

Ammonia It has a strong smell that cockroaches don’t like. Therefore, they tend to leave the premises treated with this substance as soon as possible. To get rid of cockroaches, add ammonia to your water to clean floors, shelves, walls, and ceilings.

Freezing. Cockroaches are cold-blooded creatures. They cease to multiply and weaken at temperatures below +7 °C. However, this method can only be applied in winter, preferably in hard frost. It is enough just to leave the windows wide open for a day (or better for two). It is necessary that all rooms are frozen to -10-15 °C.

Trap will help if there are not so many cockroaches. It can be made at home. A jar with a wide neck, a deep enameled or glass bowl, grease the inside with oil, fat or petroleum jelly, and crumble the bait on the bottom: cookies, bread, sugar. Insects will be drawn to the smell of delicious, and then they will not be able to get out. You can also use a plastic bottle as a dangerous container: cut off the neck and, turning it over, insert it back like a funnel.

Leave the trap overnight in the kitchen or bathroom, and be sure to kill the pests in the morning. They can be poured with boiling water or sprayed with insecticide.


The market is rich in various specialized products: from sprays and crayons to nanotechnology lamps and traps. The main thing when working with such things is to carefully follow the instructions and do not forget about gloves and a protective mask.

How to get rid of cockroaches forever

If you live in a private house, it will be enough to thoroughly poison insects once, and then regularly take preventive measures so that insects do not come to visit in the future.

But if you are a happy owner of housing in an apartment building, you cannot do without actions agreed with your neighbors. Agree with all residents and carry out pest control at the same time. Otherwise, it may happen that a cockroach landing from another floor will again and again enter your neutralized apartment.

Preventive measures

  1. Keep order at home. For the destruction of pests, one single cleaning is not enough, it is necessary to clean it regularly. Store food in airtight containers, remove crumbs from the table, and keep an eye on areas where pets eat. It would be a good idea to audit kitchen drawers for spilled cereals. It is advisable to wash the dishes immediately after eating, and not store them in the sink with the remnants of the meal inside.
  2. Take out the trash. Don’t keep trash in a cabinet under the sink or store overflowing bags at the front door. Get in the habit of regularly walking to the trash cans…






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