How to fry a delicious barbecue. The chef reveals all the secrets

How to fry a delicious barbecue.  The chef reveals all the secrets

How to fry a delicious barbecue. The chef reveals all the secrets

April 29, 2022

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Forget about underdone, burnt or tasteless meat. Cooking barbecue is easy.
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How to fry a delicious barbecue.  The chef reveals all the secrets


What kind of meat is suitable for barbecue

The key to a tasty and juicy barbecue is properly selected and marinated meat.

Traditional shish kebab is made from lamb. However, it has a specific smell that not everyone will like.

Many people will surely like chicken skewers, because it turns out tender and fragrant. For him, you can take the breast or chicken legs.

For beef skewers, a thick edge on the bone, that is, the back, is suitable.

Daniel Znamensky
Chef of gastropub “Chef”.

These muscles are not particularly involved in the movement of the animal, and therefore they are softer and juicier.

But the most popular option is pork, namely pork neck. It is from it that the most juicy shish kebab comes out.

Whatever meat you choose, be sure to check that it is of high quality. Good meat does not stick to the hands, the hole that appears when pressed is quickly leveled. It should not smell sharp, unpleasant, be covered with blood or mucus.

When buying, attach a napkin to a piece: if pink traces remain on it, then the meat has undergone chemical treatment.

Fresh and frozen meat should not be used. From the steam room (when even three hours have not passed after slaughter), you will get a hard barbecue. However, as well as from frozen, since most of the liquid will flow out during defrosting. Chilled meat is best.

How to cut meat

Even cubes with ribs 3.5–4 cm long. If the pieces are smaller, they will burn, and the kebab will be dry. If too large, then the meat will be cooked for a very long time and may not even be fried.

Chicken legs are best freed from the bones. So it will be easier for you to string the meat on the skewer, and then you do not have to gnaw the bones.

All veins must be removed from beef: during heat treatment, they will begin to shrink, and the meat will lose juice.

As for pork, it is better to leave the streaks of fat, because thanks to them the barbecue will be juicy.

How to marinate barbecue

The marinade will make the meat even juicier and more aromatic. Fresh, just bought meat is enough just to salt and pepper and immediately start frying. But if you are going to cook the barbecue later, it is advisable to marinate the meat.

Daniel Znamensky

The marinade retains all the properties of meat for a day or even two.

Very often, the marinade is made on the basis of onion, kefir, tomato juice, beer or fruit juice and seasoned with spices.

It is not recommended to pour vinegar into the marinade. It tightens the fibers, which makes good meat dry. Manufacturers of already marinated barbecue meat sin by adding vinegar. Firstly, very tough, old meat is softened with vinegar. And secondly, they and spices can mask the smell of stale meat.

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How to prepare a barbecue

Try to find a calm place so that the sparks from the fire do not scatter around. For safety reasons, do not place the barbecue near flammable objects, such as deadwood, firewood, garbage. Also, you can not install a brazier under hanging branches of trees and near buildings.

It is very important to choose the right firewood. Oddly enough, this directly affects the taste of the barbecue.

Coniferous trees are categorically not suitable. When burning, such firewood emits resins. If the meat is saturated with them, it will acquire a characteristic taste. It is also impossible to take a tree covered with paint or varnish. For example, the legs of an old chair. This will negatively affect both the taste of meat and your health.

Deciduous trees, such as oak, linden, birch, and all fruit trees, such as apple, pear, cherry, are best suited. Firewood must be dry and not too large, otherwise it will burn through for a long time.

If you do not have the time or opportunity to look for suitable firewood, buy ready-made coals. You can find them in almost any supermarket.

Daniel Znamensky

It is desirable that on the bag it was written: “Birch coals.” On average, coals flare up in 20-25 minutes.

Paper packaging from under the coals is useful for lighting. Do not use any chemicals for this. It is unsafe, and the barbecue will smell of chemistry.

How to string meat

Skewers are best for frying barbecue. You can also grill meat on the grill, although this is not a traditional method of barbecue.

Daniel Znamensky

I do not recommend using angled skewers. Take flat stainless steel skewers. The meat will sit tight on them and will not turn over on its own when frying.

The meat should not be strung on a skewer too tightly, otherwise it will not be fried on all sides. But it is also not worth distributing it far from each other. String the pieces so that they are slightly touching and that no skewer is visible between them.

If the pieces turned out to be different in size, then along the edges …






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