How to find out the size of the head and choose the right hat, cap or cap

How to find out the size of the head and choose the right hat, cap or cap

How to find out the size of the head and choose the right hat, cap or cap

September 18, 2022

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How to find out the size of the head and choose the right hat, cap or cap


How to determine the size of the head

Measure the circumference of your head

This parameter is the main one when choosing a cap, hat or cap.

What you need

  • Soft tailor’s measuring tape or cord and ruler (tape measure).

What to do

Wrap the measuring tape around your head – through the middle of the forehead (about 2 cm above the eyebrows) and the most protruding part of the back of the head.

Frames: @Lana Anisimova / YouTube

Fix the mark at which the meter closed.

Frame: @Lana Anisimova / YouTube

If there is no tailor’s tape, use a cord: wrap it around your head in the same way, and then find out the length of the resulting segment with a ruler.

In order not to make a mistake, repeat the measurements two or three times and output the arithmetic mean.

Round the resulting number if necessary.

Ideally, if an integer came out: this is how standard Russian and European sizes are marked, and there will be no problems with the selection of a hat.

If the number is a fraction, it must be rounded. In which direction – depends on the type of headgear that you plan to buy.

  • Knitted or knitted hat. Round down to a lower integer because such hats stretch well. Subtract one more from the resulting size if you want the model to sit tighter. The same rule applies to hats with a three-dimensional pattern or “loose” ones: over time, they stretch even more than ordinary ones.
  • Cap, baseball cap, hat made of rigid inelastic material. Round up to a larger integer. If in doubt which of the two sizes to choose, it is better to stop at the larger one. For example, if your head circumference is 57.8 cm, the nearest larger integer is 58. If you are worried that a size 58 cap will be very tight, take the 59th.

Compare the resulting integer with the size table

There are three common systems in which the parameters of hats in different countries are indicated: centimeter, inch and letter.

  1. centimeter. Used in Russia and Europe. The size in such a system is equal to the circumference of the head in centimeters.
  2. Inch. Used in UK and USA. The size corresponds to the circumference of the head in inches.
  3. Letter. This is a generally accepted international system that uses descriptive abbreviations: XS – extra small, very small; S – small, small; M – medium, medium; L – large, large and so on.

There is a strong connection between dimensional grids. Therefore, if you know your head circumference in centimeters, you can easily determine your size in any of the systems.

Head circumference in cm Russian and European size UK and US size International size
53–54 53–54 6¾ (21.2 inches) XXS
55 55 6⅞ (21.6 inches) XS
56 56 7 (22″) S
57 57 7⅛ (22.4 inches) M
58 58 7¼ (22.8 inches) L
59 59 7⅜ (23.2 inches) XL
60–61 60–61 7½–7⅝ (23.6–24 inches) XXL
62–63 62–63 7¾–7⅞ (24.4–24.8 inches) XXXL
64–65 64–65 8–8⅛ (25–25.6 inches) XXXXL

How not to make a mistake with the size if there is no way to try on a hat before buying

Determine planting depth

This is a minor parameter, but in some cases it is also important. The hat can be perfectly matched to the girth of the head. But it will not sit the way you would like if the depth is insufficient or too large.

What you need

  • Soft tailor’s measuring tape.
  • Pen and sheet of paper for writing.

What to do

If you want the hat to fit snugly to the head and not completely cover the ears, measure the length of the longitudinal arc. This is the distance from the back of the head to the middle of the forehead.

Frames: @Maalibu I reason and knit / YouTube

If you need a hat to completely protect your ears from the cold, determine the length of the transverse arc – from the temple to the temple through the crown.

Frames: @Maalibu I reason and knit / YouTube

Divide the selected and clarified value by two, and you will get the landing depth. This height should be a folded hat.

Find the planting depth of the model you like in the product description or ask the seller to separately measure this parameter. Compare with the received figures.

Read reviews from other buyers

They may contain important tips and warnings from those who have already purchased the same item. For example, buyers may write that the hat runs small. This means that you should choose a model that is larger than you planned.

Learn about return conditions

By law you have the right to return the hat to the store within 14 days, even if it is a good quality product. If the hat turned out to be too small or too big, the seller must exchange it for a similar model of the right size. And if this is not in stock, refund your money.

When buying an item from a private seller, be sure to discuss the possibility of a return or exchange. As a rule, those who value their reputation and are confident in the quality of the goods are ready to take back an unsuitable model. But the phrase “No return” suggests that you run the risk of buying a low-quality item and simply throwing money away.

Before buying a hat on the Internet, carefully read the return conditions: at whose expense the goods are delivered back to the seller, in what time the funds are credited to the card.

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