How to find a normal guy

How to find a normal guy

How to find a normal guy

August 18, 2016


If your personal life does not stick, you do not need to sit back. We are discussing how to find a man for yourself, even if it seems that all the normal ones have already died out.
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How to find a normal guy


Attention: spoiler

Friends, this is not an applied article. There are no specifics and step-by-step instructions on how to find happiness. The article is the author’s thoughts without pretensions to originality and genius. Low expectations are the key to restful sleep. 🙂


My friends are divided into two camps: while some willingly share their experiences and give wise advice on how to get married, others sigh that there are no normal men left in this world.

You know, if I didn’t personally know these all-round beautiful girls from the disappointed group, I could safely assume that they overestimate their price or leave no chance for normal guys. But it seems to be something else.

Maybe some girls just tend to notice the wrong men? We fall in love with the wrong people, and then we ourselves suffer and cry at night. Yes, of course, in life there are not the most simple situations. But, to be honest, it always takes two to tango: there is no such thing that someone alone is to blame.

Where to find a normal guy

Well, okay, one day you took and grew. I understood and accepted that you like pompous assholes. But you get tired of it too. Any drama, even the most ornate one, sometimes gets overwhelmed, and you want something normal and real. And here a reasonable question arises: where and how to find a normal guy?

If there was some magical place, a kind of Plato’s cave, where all normal men would be hidden, then, probably, the girls would have lined up worse than for the clothes of the new H&M collection with some famous designer. The girls who graduated from the courses of the guru of women’s practices Pavel Rakov would certainly be brought there on special buses, and all broken hearts would be sent for compulsory rehabilitation.

Alas, there is no such place of concentrated male power. Or, I don’t know about it. It is clear that all key life meetings always occur completely by chance and unpredictably. But here is a simple applied question: is it possible to artificially increase this probability?

girlish thoughts out loud

I went to the people (on Telegram) and wrote to my friends asking them to tell me where they meet and are looking for non-random connections. The reaction of the girls was funny: from “Well, we talked normally, An, what are you starting” to “A very difficult question. I’ve never met a normal person.” Summed up a friend who wrote: “Oh, Anh, normal guys are an endangered species.”

Among the popular answers to the question of where to meet a normal man, if you are very lucky, were the university, work, interest clubs, car services, sports clubs, friendly parties, bars and cafes. One friend suggested that Romeo could be safely guarded at some fashionable intellectual parties, although the girl herself admitted that she “isn’t working yet.”

Places vs life hacks

To be honest, I myself put a strong doubt on the concept of a place where you can meet. It seems to me that this is all from a series of an unprecedented cave with unmarried and promising. Therefore, I was wondering if there are some life hacks on this topic that are not tied to a specific space? Then I asked those who had already met HIM to share insights.

So, what can help meet a normal dude?

1. Dream of meeting HIM. Be disappointed and don’t expect anything

It is very important to live with the idea that somewhere in this vast world there is always HE, with whom you have fun, comfortable, free and cool, like with friends. At the same time, there is no idealization of the world. We all always fall in love with the wrong people, and many girls are more afraid of falling in love than guys. Everything in life comes when you let go. You will be disappointed in everything and stupidly score, you do not expect anything.

Usually the most amazing stories come out when you are not even sure that he will call back after a date.

In general, you just need to believe that one day you will meet someone with whom you can be yourself. Someone who loves your friends. The one with whom next to breathe easily. And if you have already met, he will not let you leave (read: do not let him go for anything). At the same time, a special emphasis is placed on the fact that it is desirable to be disappointed in everything before the cherished meeting and not to wait. Just live, and there, you see, the prince is on the horizon.

2. Visualize

If you don’t know where are you going, you might end up somewhere else.

The main idea: in order to find something, you need to clearly know what we are actually looking for. They say that visualization is a really working thing.

So, girls, you need to properly tune in to the right Zen and imagine who you want to be with, what you want in the end from him. You represent all the important qualities of the betrothed, but, most importantly, not from the opposite, that is, without any “not” particles. For example, if you want a tall brunette, ask for a tall brunette, and not “not a blonde of medium height, as long as it is not very short.” Only real qualities, without negativity and denial. And then you write all this on a piece of paper and send a message to the Universe, which will definitely not let you down. Yes, she may need some time to find her dream boyfriend. But Moscow, you know, was not built all at once.

Of the important: do not get confused in the testimony, girls! We ask the same thing, we say it out loud, otherwise the Universe will get confused.

Another life hack: sometimes useful…






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