How to find a hobby: the best ideas and tips

How to find a hobby: the best ideas and tips

How to find a hobby: the best ideas and tips

December 16, 2018


Lifehacker helps you choose a hobby that will bring pleasure, money and make your life better.
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How to find a hobby: the best ideas and tips



Find out what you can do

Twenty-five examples of a wide variety of hobbies. Each is accompanied by a selection of thematic channels and sites with useful information.

Steal an idea →

Get inspired by the unusual hobbies of great people

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Favorite activities of famous personalities are no less a component of their success than their main job. Find out how the geniuses rested and where they drew inspiration.

Learn from the greats →

Find out which hobby is right for you


Take a short test: answer a few simple questions – and you will know what to do for the soul!

Pick up a hobby →

Get everything you need for creativity and relaxation

Modeling, embroidery, coloring – there are many activities that you can immerse yourself in and forget about the problems. And the necessary materials are very inexpensive.

Buy a hobby →

Try an activity that will improve your life

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Usually hobbies are done for pleasure. But there are also such hobbies that allow you to combine business with pleasure.

Improve life →

Or a traditionally male hobby


Popular hobbies among men that will help you spend your time usefully, unleash your creativity and gain new valuable skills.

Relax not on the couch →

Or a hobby that you can do without leaving home


Too tired to go somewhere after work, or there is no time to get to the other end of the city? There are a lot of hobbies that you can devote yourself to without leaving your apartment!

Find a home hobby →

Learn to make money doing what you love

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It’s good when a hobby helps you take a break from your work routine or have fun, but it’s even better when your hobby makes a profit.

  • What is handmade and how to make money on it →
  • Hobbies that bring money →
  • 15 hobbies that can generate income →

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