How to dry and store garlic properly

How to dry and store garlic properly

How to dry and store garlic properly

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It will stay fresh as it is from the garden.
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How to dry and store garlic properly


How to prepare garlic for storage

If you bought garlic in a store or market, immediately put it away for storage. It is sold already trimmed and dried, so it does not require additional preparation.

If you grow garlic yourself, then after harvesting it should be dried. Leave the dug up vegetables on the ground for a few hours to dry slightly.

Then tie several heads together and hang vertically in the shade or in a dry, ventilated area for 10-15 days. It may take longer, up to a month. Garlic needs to dry thoroughly: the stem should get rid of moisture, and the husk should be easy to move away.

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After drying, you need to cut the stem, leaving 5–8 cm, and the roots, as well as clean off the top husk with your hands.

Then you need to spread the garlic on a ventilated surface and again let it lie down for a couple of days. Some people store it immediately after cutting the stem, but it’s better to wait a bit. Poorly dried garlic will not last long.

How and where to store garlic

Choose a dry, dark, not too hot, but not too cold place. You can store garlic at home at room temperature. A cellar or a barn is suitable only if it is not damp and not cold.

How well garlic will store depends on many factors: variety, proper preparation, humidity and room temperature.

There are many good reviews for all the methods presented below, but there are also negative ones. Just because of the difference in the above conditions. So the appropriate method will have to be selected experimentally.

How to store garlic in a jar

Take dry sterilized three-liter jars. Do not pack the garlic cloves too tightly. There is no need to close the containers.

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Jars of garlic are stored, for example, in the kitchen cabinet – on the lower shelves or under the sink.

How to store garlic in a drawer

Put the garlic in plastic boxes with mesh walls. They can be placed, for example, under the table, under the bed, under the sink in the kitchen or in the pantry.

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How to store garlic in nylon stockings or pantyhose

Air passes well through them, which is important for storing vegetables. Stuff stockings or tights with garlic, tie at the top and hang. For convenience, the top of the tights can be cut off.

How to store garlic in a net or bag

If nylon does not suit you, use mesh or linen bags instead. The mesh needs to be hung for something, and the canvas bag can be placed on the floor or shelf.

How to store garlic in a spit

Braided garlic is not only convenient, but also unusual and beautiful. It can be hung even in a prominent dark place, if it fits into the interior.

Keep in mind that for the braid you need to leave a long section of the stem – about 20 cm. Here is a good weaving tutorial:

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