How to do glitter makeup without looking vulgar

How to do glitter makeup without looking vulgar

How to do glitter makeup without looking vulgar

February 12, 2020

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How to do glitter makeup without looking vulgar


1. Don’t go overboard

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When doing brilliant makeup, it is important not to lose a sense of proportion. You should not draw impressive arrows and paint your lips with too bright lipstick at the same time: this will make the image heavier. Limit yourself to a metallic effect lip product or just apply some glitter instead of a highlighter.

And if you plan to focus on the eyes, instead of lipstick with sparkling particles, choose a semi-matte moisturizing balm. Such an image will look appropriate not only at a party, but also at any time of the day.

What to buy

  • Radiant eye pigments from NYX, 1,190 cents →
  • Lipstick with a metallic effect from Bell, 287 cents →
  • Glitter for face and body from NYX, 529 cents →

2. Don’t Forget the Base

Photo: Neyman Kseniya / Shutterstock

Before you apply glitter on your face, think about what you will use as a base. For example, in cosmetic stores they sell special glue for glitter. But it is quite possible to replace it with any sticky base. It can be clear lip gloss or Vaseline.

What to buy

  • Glitter primer from NYX, 770 cents →
  • Glue for sequins from Revolution, 420 cents →
  • Transparent lip gloss from Nouba, 1 290 cents →

3. Experiment with shiny arrows

Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

Add a glowing eyeliner on top of the usual black arrow. Your makeup will immediately change, just do not forget about the even tone of the face and neat eyebrows. The latter can simply be combed with a brush and fixed with a gel.

What to buy

  • Shiny liquid eyeliner from Catrice, 331 cents →
  • Liquid eyeliner with glitter from Revolution, 489 cents →
  • Transparent gel for fixing eyebrows from Art‑Visage, 116 cents →

4. Focus on the center of the eyelid

Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

With a small, flat brush or simply with your fingertips, apply the glitter directly to the center of your lid. This technique will be enough to immediately make the eyes more expressive and draw attention to them.

5. Always Use a Fixative Spray

Be sure to set the result with a fixing spray, especially if you used large glitter in your makeup. Otherwise, the glitter will not be where it should be. It also makes it easier to remove them later.

What to buy

  • Coconut makeup fixer spray from Novosvit, 132 cents →
  • Makeup fixative spray with a matte finish from NYX, 269 cents →
  • Moisturizing spray for fixing make-up from Make Up Factory, 1 051 cents →

6. Pay attention to warm shades

Photo: PushAnn / Shutterstock, Public domain / Pinterest

Warm shades of sequins, such as amber, ocher-gold, brownish, will help to make shining makeup less bright and dramatic. Just remember that such glitter goes well with cosmetics that are close in color.

What to buy

  • Biodegradable golden sequins from Sleek MakeUP Glitterfest, 490 cents →
  • Liquid eyeshadow bronze shade from Luxvisage, 350 cents →
  • Maybelline New York spicy cinnamon lipstick, 280 cents →

7. Moisturize your lips well

Photo: Public domain / Pinterest

Before doing a brilliant make-up of the lips, generously moisten them with a balm in advance. After some time, remove the remnants of the product with a napkin, make up with lipstick and gently lay the glitter on top with pressing movements. It is not necessary to cover the lips with a generous layer, it is enough to touch just a few times.

If the result is not quite perfect, excess glitter can be quickly removed with masking tape.

What to buy

  • Lip balm from Lucas Papaw, 690 cents →
  • Organic lip balm from Badger Company, 165 cents →
  • Yves Rocher lip primer, 690 cents →

8. Use lipstick with a sticky finish

Photo: EugenePartyzan / Depositphotos

If you take a matte one, the sequins will not stick to it and will fall down. Therefore, give preference to more “tenacious” cream or glossy textures. It is better if the colors of lipstick and glitter are complementary to each other or even match.

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