How to: climb or climb

How to: climb or climb

How to: climb or climb

September 16, 2019

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There are more correct options than it seems at first glance.
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How to: climb or climb


There are two verbs in Russian: climb and climb. And in speech practice they are absolutely equal. Truth, word climb counts common and stylistically neutral. The correct form of the 1st person singular present tense is get along.

Verb climbHow consider compilers of some dictionaries, is colloquial in color. This word is acceptable in speech, but undesirable in writing. The form of the 1st person singular of the present tense in this case will be different – I climb.

It is interesting that in the Moscow region the verb climb gradually becomes obsolete. It is possible that someday the more common word climb it will be completely replaced.

So true climb and climb, get along and I climb. But climb and get along writing is still more competent from the point of view of a strict literary norm. And here are all kinds climb, climb, climb definitely unacceptable either in oral or written speech. No way!

The imperative mood of these and related verbs also causes a lot of problems for native speakers: climb, climb, climb. All this, of course, wrong options. Some guides even indicatewhat’s the word climb there is no imperative form at all. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken, if you ask someone to come down from somewhere, it is better to say get down (and if vice versa – get in).

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