Free Giveaway! Nintendo Switch OLED – International

Free Giveaway! Nintendo Switch OLED – International

Hey all! I’ve got another giveaway and this time I was actually able to get ahold of an OLED for it! Hoping to make someone’s summer a little more exciting. All costs including international shipping are covered, you’ll only need to provide me with a valid shipping address! Please remember US Postal Services are not shipping to Russia right now. Sorry for any inconvenience. To enter, you can comment anything you’d like, but if you want to make it fun, comment a fun fact! The more niche the better 🙂

EDIT: You only need to send me your address if you are the winner. Please stop DM’ing me your addresses. Thank you😊


The winner will be randomly selected the afternoon of Monday(6/27, around 3PM PST) and you’ll have until then to enter. A minimum account of age of 1 week is required to be eligible to win! I hope you’re having a healthy and safe 2022 and you all have an enjoyable summer! Keep doing your best❤️

I’ll also be giving away at least two more Switches this weekend, as well as games, starting at 12 PM PST on Saturday and Sunday, live at Or if you’d just like to come to support me and what I do, we do this monthly😊

Huge congrats to the Subreddit for reaching 4million users! The mods always put in the work to make sure the giveaways are legit and are a very kind team to work with.

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