7 tricks for those who want to enlarge their eyes

7 tricks for those who want to enlarge their eyes

7 tricks for those who want to enlarge their eyes

August 7, 2017

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Proven ways to make eyes bigger and more expressive.
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Nastya Raduzhnaya

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7 tricks for those who want to enlarge their eyes


1. Use colored magnifying lenses

This trick was invented by Koreans. To make naturally narrow eyes appear larger, they wear lenses with an enlarged iris.

Lenses with an iris of 14-15 mm (with or without diopters) will make the eyes of dolls, like anime characters. For comparison, the iris is usually about 11–13 mm in diameter.

The effect of magnifying lenses is instantaneous and very bright. But before using them, it is better to consult an ophthalmologist. For some people, even short-term contact lenses cause irritation.

2. Highlight the corners of the eyes and under the eyebrows

According to the laws of color, dark shades visually reduce everything, and light ones increase everything. To make your eyes look bigger, be sure to highlight the inner corners of the eyelids and the area under the eyebrows.

Use light matte shadows or a highlighter for this. Light shimmer can be applied to the corners of the eyes. Also, a little mother-of-pearl will not hurt in the center of the moving eyelid. It will add volume to the make-up and make the eyes more noticeable.

3. Line your eyes and draw arrows correctly

One of the unforgivable mistakes in makeup is to enclose the eyes in a black frame. When the eyeliner moves from the moving eyelid to the fixed eyelid and captures the water line, the eyes turn into small black slits. Looks terrible!

To enlarge the eyes, use the pencil technique. Draw the ciliary edge of the upper eyelid with a pencil: the closer to the inner corner, the thinner the line should be. Then bring the lower eyelid, but only the space between the eyelashes and only to the middle of the eye. Carefully blend the eyeliner and apply eye shadow.

If you decide to add arrows, be sure to bring them outside the outer corners of the eyes towards the tips of the eyebrows.

4. Apply light kayal to the water line

A soft underwater pencil of pale pink or cream color, applied to the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid, will not only visually enlarge the eyes, but also hide signs of fatigue.

5. Try blue, purple or teal liner

These cool, saturated colors will make your makeup look brighter and your eyes more expressive.

Try instead of black to line your eyes with a blue or purple pencil, and you will see how your eyes open wide.

6. Draw the crease of the eyelid just above the natural line.

If you highlight the fold of the moving eyelid with shadows a few tones darker than the main shade in the makeup, the look will become more expressive. And if you shift the drawing line by 1-2 mm from the natural crease, the eyes will become visually larger.

7. Add volume to your lashes

The thicker and longer the eyelashes, the bigger the eyes. If nature has not rewarded you with luxurious eyelashes, use mascara to increase volume.

Curl your upper lashes with a curling iron and then apply the first coat of mascara. Paint over the eyelashes not to the temples, but strictly up. Dust your lashes lightly with loose powder and apply a second coat or use false lashes.

Apply one coat of mascara to the lower lashes or leave them bare.

You can see these and other tricks in action in the following video:

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