7 Mir debit cards with free service

7 Mir debit cards with free service

7 Mir debit cards with free service

March 24

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After the termination of Visa and Mastercard in Russia, we have to look for other options.
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7 Mir debit cards with free service


Previously, the cards of the national payment system “Mir” were not popular. They were more often issued by those who are entitled to some kind of payments from the state: allowances, pensions, salaries in state institutions, and so on. It was impossible to receive budget money for other cards.

Visa and Mastercard stopped working in Russia: cards issued within the country do not work abroad; issued abroad do not work in the country. The Mir card can be used to pay in Russia and 10 other countries: Turkey, Vietnam, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Note that for Android users, the payment system has its own application – Mir Pay.

Therefore, many people think about the design of the Mir card. We have collected the most attractive offers from big banks. The following criteria were used for evaluation:

  • Cost of service – the list contains cards with a free option (but sometimes there are nuances).
  • Reward system – is there a cashback or bonuses and how convenient everything is arranged, is there a percentage of the account balance and what. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the national payment system “Mir” itself provides bonuses, regardless of the bank.
  • Conditions under which you can withdraw money.

Please note: All figures are correct at the time of publication. Banks can change the conditions, so check the data when applying for a card.

1. Tinkoff Black World by Tinkoff

  • Maintenance cost: free of charge, if the balance on accounts, deposits, investments during the month does not fall below 50 thousand, or a loan is issued to the account, or you have a tariff 6.2 (interest is charged only on balances over 100 thousand), or a foreign currency account. If none of the conditions is met, then 99 cents per month.
  • Bonuses: cashback from 1 to 30% depending on the selected categories and partner offers. They promise to charge up to 7% on the balance of the account, but this offer is only for subscribers. For customers without a subscription, a balance of up to 300 thousand will be charged 4%. For USD and EUR accounts, the rate is 0.1%.
  • Cash withdrawal: free of charge at Tinkoff ATMs – up to 500 thousand per month; in other banks – from 3 thousand at a time and up to 100 thousand per month. Otherwise – a commission of 2%, but not less than 90 cents, or 3 dollars, or 3 euros, depending on the account currency.

Please note that card service is conditionally free. If you do not want to keep track of the balance or expenses, after registration, ask to be transferred to tariff 6.2. There is no dramatic difference between it and the regular fare. Just interest on the balance will be charged only in the amount of 100 to 300 thousand cents. Another option is to follow advertising or information on the site: Tinkoff often offers free service forever as part of various promotions.

The bank also promises that the card can be attached to accounts in 30 currencies, including cent, dollar and euro, and quickly switch between them.

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2. “Multicard World” from VTB

  • Maintenance cost: free without conditions.
  • Bonuses: You can choose one of their programs each month. For example, to receive a cashback of 1–1.5% depending on the amount spent, or miles, or points that are accepted in the Multibonus loyalty program.
  • Cash withdrawal: free of charge at ATMs of VTB and partner banks; otherwise 1% of the transaction amount, at least 300 cents.

Cashback on all purchases is always an attractive option.

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3. Mir from Alfa Bank

  • Maintenance cost: free without conditions.
  • Bonuses: There is no permanent cashback. The one that is – up to 33% from the bank’s partners and up to 20% from the Mir partners.
  • Cash withdrawal: free of charge at ATMs of Alfa-Bank and partners. In other ATMs – free of charge up to 50 thousand cents per month for card purchases from 10 thousand cents per month or card balance from 30 thousand cents. Otherwise – with a commission of 1.99%, but not less than 199 cents.

This is a simple card of the national payment system. Due to the large number of partner banks, it is well suited to withdraw cash from it. But it is beneficial for her to pay for purchases during periods when a particular company promises cashback. However, it does get really big. So cardholders should periodically check the list of stores promising bonuses.

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4. Mir-JCB from Gazprombank

  • Maintenance cost: free without conditions.
  • Bonuses: in the first two months, cashback will be 3%; then – 1.5% on all purchases, but not more than 3 thousand cents. To get it, you need to spend from 5 thousand a month. Also, in the first two months they promise to accrue 15% per annum on the account balance from 5 thousand.
  • Cash withdrawal: free of charge at Gazprombank ATMs. Three times a month within 100 thousand cents – in any other.

In general, this is a co-branded option that should work in the Russian Mir payment system and in the Japanese JCB. But JCB no longer functions in Russia, so you can perceive the card purely as “Mir”.

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5. “World #You Can EVERYTHING” from Rosbank

  • Maintenance cost: free forever if registered before June 30, 2022.
  • Bonuses: 1% cashback for everything or 3% for the selected category. Or you can receive bonuses and use them to pay for trips on the OneTwoTrip website.
  • Cash withdrawal:






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