6 Secrets of Perfect Pose 69

6 Secrets of Perfect Pose 69

6 Secrets of Perfect Pose 69

November 7, 2019

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If you do not like this position, then you simply do not know what to do in it.
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Ekaterina Komissarova

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6 Secrets of Perfect Pose 69


Position 69 is a fascinating, but at the same time very controversial version of the sex game. It is enough to listen to the complaints of Reddit users: “Too uncomfortable, embarrassing. I can’t focus on my own pleasure, because at the same time I have to actively devote time to the girl.”

“My partner likes this position, but I have weak back muscles, I get too tired being on top.” “I can’t get rid of the thought in what form my partner observes me. Also, when I’m on top, my legs are tense and because of this, I can’t have an orgasm.” “I hate her”.

Well, claims to this pose are often really reasoned. However, they can be minimized if you approach the process a little more carefully. Here are some hacks to help you fall in love with the gorgeous 69.

1. Start in the shower

You can do it alone – if you want to carefully, without prying eyes, carry out hygiene procedures in the intimate area. It is possible together: in this case, a joint shower can become an exciting element of foreplay.

By the way, if you went to the shower together, you can ask your partner to wash you properly “there”. This will help get rid of worries about how you will look in his eyes in position 69.

2. Get ready for the game

There are serious sexual practices. There are moments for thoughtful, diligent sex. But pose 69 is not about that at all. Don’t treat it like a job. It’s fun. Pampering. A gentle game that becomes more interesting the more improvisations it contains.

Try, for example, this option. Lay your partner on the bed – so that his head hangs slightly from the edge. Get on the floor next to him, start with a passionate kiss. Then slowly, continuing to caress and kiss centimeter by centimeter, move along his body until your lips reach the groin.

When this happens, your hips will be close to your partner’s face. The starting position for the perfect 69 is ready.

3. Don’t Forget You Have Hands

Pose 69 can really seem tiring if, while in it, you work only with your tongue and lips. But you have warm palms and tender fingers – do not forget about them!

When your lips and tongue need a break, give them a break by caressing your partner’s perineum and testicles (or vagina) with your hands.

4. Use a small vibrator

Oral sex in the 69 position is not very comfortable, and a vibrator can replace you if both lips and tongue and fingers get tired. In addition, a small dildo will bring fresh sensations to your intimate game.

5. Remember the “on the side” option

Vertical position 69, when one partner lies on his back, and the second hangs over him from above, is good for quick oral sex. But if you’re planning on making 69 your “main course,” that is, devoting more than a few minutes to it, it’s best to opt for a different position—lying on your side.

In this case, you do not have to load the muscles of the back or legs. And you can also use each other’s hips as a pillow – so that your neck does not hurt.

6. Just enjoy

You should not expect from 69 stunning orgasms: in this position it is really difficult to concentrate on your own feelings. It’s more for entertainment. To study the partner’s body. To know yourself – how ready are you to trust your loved one.

Try to have fun with this “learning game”. Experiment, act gently or decisively, work your tongue more actively or focus on sucking movements with your lips. Do what interests you and let your partner do the same.

69 is one of the most intimate sex positions and can give you an incredible sense of closeness. Take advantage of this.

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