45 cool birthday gifts for a girlfriend

45 cool birthday gifts for a girlfriend

45 cool birthday gifts for a girlfriend


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45 cool birthday gifts for a girlfriend


What to give a working friend

1. External battery

It is unpleasant at the most inopportune moment to lose the opportunity to work on your favorite device. But this happens all the time if the laptop or phone is old and loses battery power right before our eyes. In this situation, a portable battery will save – a useful thing, the purchase of which for some reason is often postponed indefinitely.

What to buy

  • External battery Romoss Sense 8+, 30,000 mAh, 2,512 cents →
  • Demaco external battery, 20,000 mAh, 1,099 cents →
  • External battery Redmi Power Bank, 20,000 mAh, 1,849 cents →
  • External battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3, 10,000 mAh, 1,478 cents →

2. Travel pillow

It will help mitigate the harm of a sedentary lifestyle, slightly unloading the spine. In addition, it can be used for long trips or air travel. But before you buy a pillow, make sure that it is made of quality materials, and also try it on if possible – in case it is not comfortable enough.

What to buy

  • Travel pillow with button closures, 899 cents →
  • Travel pillow for the neck from ForErgo, 1 690 cents →
  • Travel pillow with memory effect, mask and earplugs from Shleepy, 1,990 cents →
  • Travel pillow with memory effect from Wenger, 2 020 cents →
  • Massage pillow Xiaomi from LeFan, 1 650 cents →

3. Wireless headphones

If your friend hasn’t got wireless earbuds yet, consider gifting her this useful gadget and thereby getting rid of tangled wires.

What to buy

  • Headphones realme Buds T100, 1 690 cents →
  • Headphones JBL Tune 510BT, 3 570 cents →
  • Headphones Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2, 12 290 cents →
  • Headphones Sony WF-C500W, 7 676 cents →

4. Lunchbox or thermos

Many office workers prefer to take lunch with them (it’s cheaper and often more useful). For liquid snacks, thermoses are more convenient. Containers are suitable for second courses.

What to buy

  • Lunchbox with metal trays, 1,425 cents →
  • Heated lunchbox from Bear, 1,790 cents →
  • Lunchbox with two containers from Monbento, 4,050 cents →
  • Vacuum thermos from Waterline, 1 957 cents →
  • Thermos with a valve from Thermos, 1 488 cents →

5. Cardholder

A cash wallet, if it has not yet moved into the ranks of anachronisms like telephone directories, then certainly not all modern people need it. It is better to give a beautiful business card holder, or a cardholder. In it, a friend will be able to place only the most necessary plastic cards, so as not to load an already heavy bag with unnecessary things.

What to buy

  • Cardholder with application from Woodsurf, 1 900 cents →
  • Faux leather cardholder from DeFacto, 499 cents →
  • Mumi color block business card holder, 912 cents →
  • Leather business card holder with a clasp on the button from Dimanche, 1 999 cents →
  • Business card holder with a strap from Mango, 799 cents →
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What to give a friend – a young mother

1. Babysitting services

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

Decree is a difficult time in everyone’s life. During this period, women are more psychologically vulnerable than ever. In addition, they are often given things intended for the baby, while young mothers are much more happy with gifts that are not related to the child. The most obvious thing to do is to pay for babysitting so that your friend can relax and take time for herself. But it is better to make such a gift with prior consent.

What to buy

  • Babysitting services on Avito →
  • Babysitting services on Yandex Services →
  • Babysitting services on YouDo →
  • Babysitting services in Moscow on Pomogatel.ru →

2. Relaxing massage course

After giving birth, girls need rest, but it will not be easy for them to find time for it for a long time. In addition, mothers are not always ready to spend money on themselves, because there are already enough expenses. Several sessions of relaxing massage will help relieve physical and nervous tension, so they will be a very timely gift for a friend.

What to buy

  • Relaxation massage coupons on Biglion →

3. Roller face massager

The budget of new parents is usually severely cut, so there is often no money for necessary things like going to the beautician – and no time either. The solution can be home gadgets that will return your friend a sense of self-care.

What to buy

  • Mesoscooter with titanium needles from ZGTS, 554 cents →
  • Facial massager with two nozzles Flawless Contour, 640 cents →
  • Gezatone facial roller massager, 1,061 cents →
  • Bilateral quartz massage roller, 405 cents →
  • Notched face massager, 453 cents →

4. Certificate for a photo book

Although pregnancy and childbirth are not easy to survive, and motherhood is even more difficult, there are many cool moments during this time. It would be nice to save them by printing photos with a baby.

What to buy

  • Certificates for a photo book from LibraryPhoto, from 5,000 cents →
  • Order a photo book from Enjoybooks, from 1,512 cents →

5. Fashionable and convenient bag

If mom leads an active social life, the best gift for her would be a practical bag or backpack. It will be possible to put things necessary for the child there, such as diapers or bottles with a mixture. It’s great if such an accessory is also stylish.

What to buy

  • Quilted bag from…






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