43 cool birthday gifts for a boyfriend

43 cool birthday gifts for a boyfriend

43 cool birthday gifts for a boyfriend

September 30, 2020

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These things will appeal to people with different interests and characters.
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43 cool birthday gifts for a boyfriend


What to give a guy – a lover of outdoor recreation

1. Folding chair

Hiking, fishing, a trip to the country – with such a chair, any outing into nature will become much more comfortable. Thanks to its foldable design, it can be stored even in a small trunk.

What to buy

  • Folding chair with a cover complete with AliExpress, 2 380 cents →
  • Folding chair-backpack from AliExpress, 2 639 cents →

2. Tent

A small single tent is suitable for a solo hiker. But if a guy prefers to get out into nature in a company, then it is better to look at two- and three-seat trekking models that will protect you from the bright sun and bad weather.

What to buy

  • Two-layer tent for 3–4 people from AliExpress, from 8,573 cents →
  • Triple trekking tent from Outventure, 3 299 cents →

3. Multitool

Multitools differ from each other in the scope of application and, because of this, in the set of tools. For example, a camping one includes cutlery and openers, a bicycle one includes various screwdrivers and bits for quick fixing of a bicycle while riding. In addition, there are universal models based on pliers, knives or hammers.

What to buy

  • Multitool 15 in 1 from Xiaomi Huo Hou with AliExpress, 2 449 cents →
  • Multitool 10 in 1 from Xiaomi NexTool with AliExpress, 1 713 cents →

4. Smokehouse

What could be better than smoking freshly caught fish right away in nature? The smokehouse will also come in handy while relaxing in the country and will allow you to cook delicious and fragrant meat without any extra effort. This versatile item will make a great birthday present for your boyfriend.

What to buy

  • Single-tier smokehouse for hot smoking Royalgrill, 430 cents →
  • Smokehouse with a hydraulic lock for hot smoking, 4,740 cents →

5. Backpack

Avid hikers will need a capacious backpack for hiking, fishermen – a special model with a compartment for fishing rods. And for those who prefer walking short routes, an ordinary backpack with many compartments will be enough to fit the little things you need on the road.

What to buy

  • Waterproof hiking backpack from AliExpress, from 1,058 cents →
  • City backpack with anti-theft protection from AliExpress, from 2,667 cents →

What to give a guy if he is fond of sports

1. Smart scales

In addition to weight, such a device tracks other indicators that you should pay attention to for correcting nutrition and training. With the help of smart scales, you can find out the amount of water and muscles in the body, the proportion of visceral fat and bone mass, and the metabolic rate. This is not a complete list: it all depends on the chosen model.

What to buy

  • Smart floor scales Picooc Mini, 2 990 cents →
  • Smart scales Huawei Body Fat Scale AH100, 3 290 cents →

2. Running shoes

High-quality sneakers with well-cushioned soles will protect the guy’s knees from injury and make jogging much more enjoyable.

What to buy

  • Running shoes Nike Free RN 5.0 2020, 5 980 cents →
  • Running shoes from Li‑Ning from AliExpress, 3 829 cents →

3. Sports headphones

The difference between sports headphones and ordinary ones is that they have a waterproof case, which is not afraid of sweat during workouts and showers after. In addition, most often on such models there are special hooks for a strong fixation on the ears. Thanks to them, the gadget will definitely not fall off even during intensive sports.

What to buy

  • Sports Bluetooth headphones JBL Reflect Mini BT 2, 2 990 cents →
  • Sports Bluetooth headphones Sony WI‑SP500/BQ, 2,490 cents →
  • Sports Bluetooth headphones JBL Endurance Dive, 3 190 cents →

4. Small projectiles

If a young man prefers home workouts to classes in the gym, you can provide him with the necessary equipment. For example, a set of dumbbells, push-ups or expanders.

What to buy

  • Push-ups from Kettler, 1,999 cents →
  • Carpal expander from Torneo, 999 cents →

5. Bicycle accessories

If a guy rides a bike, then you have almost limitless scope for choosing a gift. Look for locks, smartphone holders or flashlights. In addition, you can pay attention to special cycling gloves for a comfortable ride and helmets for safety.

What to buy

  • Bicycle combination lock in the form of a braided chain from NS Bikes, 1,275 cents →
  • Rockbros bicycle light from AliExpress, from 1,156 cents →

6. Bag

When choosing a sports bag, you should give preference to a roomy model with several compartments and pockets so that everything you need fits exactly: a change of clothes, shoes, a towel, shower accessories and a bottle of water. And if a guy mainly plays sports on the street, then a compact belt model for a smartphone and keys will suit him.

What to buy

  • Belt bag with one compartment from Nike, 1 999 cents →
  • Sports bag Reebok Tech Style Grip, 3 499 cents →

7. Action camera

Adventure videos can also be shot on a phone, but it’s much more convenient to do it with a special device. So charging will not be spent, and the memory will not be filled. Plus, the action camera is usually mounted on the head, helmet or chest using special straps. This means your hands are free.

What to buy

  • Action camera DJI OSMO Action, 17,705 cents →
  • Action camera Sony HDR‑AS300/WC, 26,390 cents →

What to get a geek guy for his birthday

1. Cool Lego set

No matter how old a guy is…






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