41 Great New Year’s Gifts for Grandma

41 Great New Year's Gifts for Grandma

41 Great New Year’s Gifts for Grandma

November 16

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41 Great New Year's Gifts for Grandma


What to give a grandmother who loves to cook

1. Yoghurt maker

Grandma, who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, will surely be happy to receive some useful device as a gift, such as a yogurt maker. You can cook a tasty and healthy fermented milk product in it, and the jars included in the kit will allow you to beautifully serve it.

What to buy

  • Kitfort yogurt maker, 3,490 cents →
  • Yogurt maker Galaxy Line with glass jars, 1,620 cents →

2. Multicook

Multifunctional devices will significantly expand the grandmother’s menu and make cooking easier. In addition, they will increase the useful properties of dishes, since for cooking in a slow cooker, say, pilaf, you need very little oil.

What to buy

  • Tefal pressure cooker, 8,230 cents →
  • Air grill-multi-oven Redmond, 8 160 cents →

3. Embossed rolling pin

With such a relief rolling pin, a grandmother will be able to pamper her beloved grandchildren with delicious cookies every day. A particularly relevant gift in the season of the New Year holidays will be rolling tools with themed patterns.

What to buy

  • Wooden rolling pin with patterns from 3D-Kulinar, 622 cents →
  • Figured rolling pin “Hearts and stars”, 249 cents →

4. A set of kitchen utensils

A new set of ladle, skimmer, spatula and other accessories will definitely come in handy in the kitchen. Choose from the classic stainless steel pendants or the original set, suitable for non-stick coatings.

What to buy

  • A set of kitchen utensils with a stand from Ofenbach, 1,303 cents →
  • A set of hinges from Joseph Joseph, 3 860 cents →

5. Set of tacks

An essential accessory in any kitchen is potholders. And if you choose a model with an original design, they will also become a nice interior detail.

What to buy

  • A set of apron and potholders from Balvi, 1,170 cents →
  • Three-piece kitchen set from ArtPostel, 423 cents →

6. Tablecloth

In order for the tablecloth to please the grandmother for a long time with a beautiful appearance, you should choose models with water-repellent impregnation. And do not forget to check the size and shape of the table before buying.

What to buy

  • Tablecloth for round tables “Gloria” from Maifon, 3 400 cents →
  • Cotton tablecloth with a pattern from La Redoute, from 3,079 cents →

What to give a grandmother who loves to spend time in the country

1. A set of garden tools

Prepare the soil for sowing, weed the beds, trim the bushes – performing any garden work will facilitate this set of tools. Having received such a gift, the grandmother will look forward to the summer season with special impatience.

What to buy

  • A set of garden tools from Palisad, 800 cents →
  • A set of garden tools with a bag and a folding chair from Homy Mood, 1,950 cents →

2. Sprinkler

Give your granny gardener a watering can, and the cucumbers she grows will be the juiciest, and the roses will be lush and fragrant. A drip irrigation system is suitable for beds, and a rotating sprinkler for flower beds.

What to buy

  • Set of drip irrigation “Beetle”, 3 439 cents →
  • Sprinkler from Wondershop, 687 cents →

3. Garden blower

Clearing the paths of fallen leaves and grass clippings will be much easier with a garden blower. Wireless models are more convenient to use, but powerful devices powered by the network, as a rule, have a large set of functions.

What to buy

  • Bort battery blower, 3,277 cents →
  • Greenworks electric blower-vacuum cleaner, 9,590 cents →

4. Decorative garden figures

Lovely garden figures will look great surrounded by colorful flowers, pleasing to the eye and uplifting. You can choose the classic version in the form of a gnome or find something funny and original.

What to buy

  • Garden figure “Hare with a shovel”, 2 250 cents →
  • Garden figure “Drake in the reeds”, 1 650 cents →

5. Garden chair

In the country, you can and should not only work, but also relax in the fresh air. A lightweight garden chair that can be easily carried and installed anywhere will help grandmother enjoy the birdsong with maximum comfort.

What to buy

  • Folding chaise lounge chair from Nika, 4 490 cents →
  • Garden chair from Go Garden, 2 750 cents →

6. Anti-mosquito lamp

Intrusive insects will not disturb the serenity of summer evenings if you equip the recreation area with an anti-mosquito lamp. No doubt, Grandma will appreciate the opportunity to drink tea on the veranda without the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes.

What to buy

  • Anti-mosquito lamp powered by USB, 1,500 cents →
  • Anti-mosquito lamp from Xiaomi, 4 082 cents →

What to give a grandmother-needlewoman

1. Bowl for yarn

The most popular type of needlework among grandmothers is, of course, knitting. A bowl for yarn will make the process as convenient as possible: in it the skeins will not be tangled and dirty. A model with a dense transparent cover is convenient to take on the road.

What to buy

  • Wooden strawberry from KnitPro, 2,730 cents →
  • Container for yarn from Gamma, 520 cents →

2. Row counter

Another useful gift for knitters. The device eliminates the need to recount the rows directly during knitting or after a break, which will save a lot of time.

What to buy

  • Row counter in the form of a ring, 2,146 cents →
  • Electronic row counter from Mixium, 224 cents →

3. Embroidery kit






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