3 services and programs for downloading music from VKontakte

3 services and programs for downloading music from VKontakte

3 services and programs for downloading music from VKontakte

July 25, 2021

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3 services and programs for downloading music from VKontakte


Downloading content from VKontakte is considered copyright infringement and is illegal. We do not encourage piracy, so we recommend that you only download personal tracks, your own podcasts, and other non-copyrighted audio files.

1. Program for downloading music from VKontakte on Windows

To download audio to your computer, it is most convenient to use special software. The most stable and functional is the VKMusic program.

The application allows you to download tracks from the collection on your personal page, as well as from audio recordings of friends and groups. VKMusic has recommendations, various charts, and the ability to download clips. In addition, the application has a built-in player, displays track data and offers flexible download management.

Download VKMusic →

2. Program for downloading music from VKontakte on Android

For Android, the choice of tools is not very large. Of the verified applications, a free VMP can be recommended. It will be ideal if you need to download music directly from your smartphone.

With the program, you can listen to and download any songs from the social network. Search is supported, there is a recommendations section and profile audio management. VMP works even if your tracks are private, but contains ads. Of the additional features, noteworthy is the ability to display lyrics and support for caching, as well as themes, an equalizer and a sleep timer.

Google has removed VMP from its app store, so the program is being distributed through the official website of the developer.

Download VMP →

3. Web service for downloading music from VKontakte

There are enough online tools on the Internet to download audio from the social network. They are good in cases where you do not want to bother with installing programs. Among the many services, we can safely recommend KissVK, which has been around for more than a year.

A simple interface allows you to find and download tracks of any performers and bands of interest in a few seconds. Own audio recordings are also available for saving to the device memory. They are displayed next to the search field. There is support for downloading playlists.

Go to Kiss VK →

This article was first published in August 2018. In July 2021, we updated the text.

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