27 really cool gifts for a girlfriend for the New Year

27 really cool gifts for a girlfriend for the New Year

27 really cool gifts for a girlfriend for the New Year

December 20, 2021VTBLikbez
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27 really cool gifts for a girlfriend for the New Year


What to give for the New Year to a friend who does not part with a smartphone

1. Case

A cover with a New Year’s print, a funny inscription or an unusual abstract pattern – any option will be a nice present for the New Year. If ordinary models seem boring, take a closer look at cases with credit card slots, a battery or chains that allow you to carry your smartphone like a handbag.

What to buy

  • Battery case for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 10 990 cents →
  • Christmas cases for iPhone from AliExpress, from 63 cents→

2. Popsocket

Popsocket will help you to conveniently use your smartphone and will not let it fall out of your hands. And the accessory will serve as a kind of stand. In a word, the little thing is incredibly practical.

What to buy

  • Round popsockets with marble imitation from AliExpress, 97 cents →
  • Popsocket in the form of an avocado from ilikegift, 145 cents →

3. Holder

As a gift, you can consider models for home use and accessories in the car. The former are most often equipped with fastening to the edge of the table, the latter with suction cups for fixing on the windshield or clips that are inserted into the deflector grille.

What to buy

  • Magnetic car holder from Baseus, 498 cents →
  • Holder with fastening on the table cover from AliExpress, 652 cents →

What to give for the New Year to a friend who appreciates home comfort

1. Garland

This accessory can be used not only to decorate the house for the New Year: even on the most ordinary day, the garland will fill the room with soft light and add coziness.

What to buy

  • Garland with lanterns from Neon-Night, 255 cents →
  • Garland with balls from Neon-Night, 605 cents →

2. Aroma lamp and oils

The aroma lamp will envelop the room with a pleasant aroma and help you relax after a hard day. An excellent addition to the gift will be a set of oils with various aromas so that a friend can immediately appreciate the gift.

What to buy

  • Aroma lamp on a metal stand from AliExpress, 1,153 cents →
  • Concentrate for aroma lamp “Sandalwood and Bergamot” from Millefiori Milano, 1,190 cents →
  • Invigorating oil blend from Mild By Nature, 720 cents →

3. Original figurines

Cute figurines will take pride of place on a shelf or desktop and diversify the interior quite well. And if you want to make the gift more functional, choose figurines-stands for your smartphone, stationery or jewelry.

What to buy

  • Figurine in the form of an astronaut with a stand for a smartphone from AliExpress, from 920 cents →
  • A set of three figurines for wine stands, glasses and a corkscrew from AliExpress, 5 471 cents →

4. Home suit

When choosing a gift, pay attention to the colors: it is better to choose something bright to add color to dull winter days. And don’t forget to check the size chart to make sure your suit fits.

What to buy

  • Yellow home suit from Agape, 2,390 cents →
  • Ribbed fabric home suit from Asos Design, 2,890 cents →
  • Checked home suit with AliExpress, from 1,209 cents →

5. Multibaker

Thanks to interchangeable panels, one appliance will replace a waffle maker, grill, sandwich maker and a host of other devices. The multibaker is convenient to store, easy to clean and pleasant to use – you can cook new interesting dishes with it at least every day.

What to buy

  • Multi-baker with three interchangeable panels complete from Redmond, 4,490 cents →
  • Multibaker with four interchangeable panels complete from Redmond, 6,390 cents →

What to give for the New Year to a friend who works a lot

1. Massage cape

The massage cape on the chair will help to warm up a little and relieve fatigue without looking up from work. It can be used on both office and car seats. Some models of capes are also equipped with heating, which will be especially useful in winter.

What to buy

  • Heated massage cape from US Medica, 4,900 cents →
  • Massage cape in a car from AliExpress, 1,075 cents →

2. Leg hammock

A hammock will help get rid of fatigue and swelling of the legs – a great gift for those who spend a lot of time sitting at the table.

What to buy

  • Hammock for legs from AliExpress, 758 cents →

3. Mouse pad

A rug with an unusual print is a good idea for a New Year’s gift to a friend. But a more advanced model with heating or a built-in wireless charging module can be much more useful.

What to buy

  • Mouse pad with wireless charging from AliExpress, 2 332 cents →
  • Heated mouse pad from AliExpress, 1 259 cents →

4. Laptop stand

The standard stand will improve the cooling of the laptop and enhance the typing experience. If that’s not enough, as a New Year’s gift to a friend, consider options with USB ports, drawers for small items and other elements.

What to buy

  • Folding laptop stand from UBR, 1,089 cents →
  • Laptop stand with USB ports from Baseus, 4 290 cents →

What to give for the New Year to a friend who loves modern gadgets

1. External hard drive

Store a lot of vacation photos, store your favorite movies and games, make backup copies of data – an external hard drive of impressive volume is perfect for all these purposes. A high read speed will ensure maximum performance.

What to buy

  • External 1TB SSD from Seagate, 13,399 cents →
  • External hard drive with USB 3.0 5 TB from Seagate, 9 689 cents →

2. Powerbank

Model in strict design or with…






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