24 exciting sitting positions for sex

24 exciting sitting positions for sex

24 exciting sitting positions for sex

July 14, 2021

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24 exciting sitting positions for sex


Sitting sex is an easy way to diversify your intimate life: you don’t have to get out of bed to try it, and the poses look much more interesting than the familiar missionary and doggy style.

The depth of penetration can be controlled not only by a man, but also by a woman: it will be easy for you to find the angle at which both partners will experience an orgasm. We have collected the most interesting poses from elementary to complex – sit down comfortably.

1. Classic

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The man sits on a chair, the woman descends from above, turning her back to her partner. You can also sit facing each other.

To diversify the sensations, try changing the surface: for example, make love on a table or chest of drawers. Just make sure in advance that the furniture will not break under your weight: you will least want to know about this at the moment of orgasm.

2. At the table

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Repeat the classic pose by moving a chair to the dining table: in this case, the partner will receive an additional point of support. The girl needs to bend forward and rest her hands on the table: this way you can rise higher and make faster hip movements. The position will come in handy if passion overtakes you immediately after dinner.

3. On a fitball

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Use fitness equipment with imagination. The man sits on top. The woman turns her back to her partner and lowers herself onto his hips. During friction, you can sway slightly by adjusting the angle of penetration. But be careful: in this position it is easy to lose balance.

4. On the back of a chair

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The woman sits facing the back of the chair and throws her legs bent at the knees on her. The man comes down behind, lifts his beloved and puts her hips on top of his. In this position, all movements are controlled by the lower partner, so he should be especially gentle and attentive.

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5. Close contact

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You will also need a chair for this pose. The woman moves as close to the back as possible. The man sits facing his partner and puts her legs on his hips. To keep your balance, hold on to the back of a chair.

6. Curved spoons

Image: Lifehacker

A man sits on a bed with a straight back, leaning against a wall. The woman kneels with her back to him and sinks onto the cock. This position is somewhat reminiscent of the “Reverse Cowgirl” and retains all its advantages: you can caress the man’s scrotum and completely control the depth of penetration. And to enhance the sensations and feel the maximum closeness, lean back slightly, pressing your back to your partner’s chest.

7. Basket

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A pose for those who want to establish deep eye contact. Partners sit face to face, the man slightly spreads his legs, the girl is located on the penis. To make the lower partner more comfortable, he can bend one of the legs at the knee.

If you want to complicate the pose, try the following technique: the woman throws her legs over the shoulders of her partner and wraps her arms around his neck. Your faces will be very close to each other, and in order not to lose balance, a man can hug a girl by the waist.

8. Puzzle

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The man sits down, stretching his legs forward and leaning on his arms spread apart. Lying on her back, the woman is located between his feet and throws her bent knees over her partner’s shoulders. At the same time, her hands remain free: she can stimulate the clitoris, caress her breasts or gently stroke the man’s thighs.

9. Cradle

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This position is good for men with pumped up arms: the weight of the girl will fall entirely on them. The partner sits down and spreads bent knees to the sides, heels are brought together. The girl falls on the penis, sitting with her back to the man. He must grab the partner under the hips and knees, lifting her up and lowering her down.

It will not work out of habit to hold out in this position for a long time, but the sensations will come out very unusual: the man will feel complete control, and the girl’s hands will remain free and will be able to caress her lover.

10. Aphrodite

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This position will appeal to women who love breast caresses. The man stretches his legs forward. The woman sits on him sideways so that her body is perpendicular to the body of the partner. During frictions, she can rise and fall, the man himself can also regulate the pace, supporting his partner with his hand. Her breasts and nipples are very close to his face: he kisses and bites them or strokes them gently.

11. Eye to eye

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The man sits down with his legs straight out in front of him. The woman is located opposite him with bent knees and falls on the penis. In order not to lose balance, hold on to your partner’s knees with your hands. The more actively a woman moves her hips, the faster an orgasm will come.

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