20 Animal Stories That Will Make You Kinder

20 Animal Stories That Will Make You Kinder

20 Animal Stories That Will Make You Kinder

July 11, 2019

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Warm stories about amazing creatures that inhabit the planet will appeal to readers of any age.
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Naila Agdeeva

20 Animal Stories That Will Make You Kinder


1. “Billy Badlands, the Conquering Wolf” by Ernest Seton-Thompson (from The Beast)

The hungry wolf cub, nicknamed Billy, had almost no chance of surviving after the death of his mother. But he was found, left and raised by a she-wolf, who herself lost her puppies. Hunting together, they struck fear into the farmers and their livestock. No matter what tricks people go for, the she-wolf and Billy always seem to be one step ahead.

Ernest Seton-Thompson is America’s most famous animal writer. He was one of the founders of the scouting movement, loved nature and could hardly endure city life.

With tenderness, awe and respect, the writer talks about the animals that coexist with man and often surpass him in ingenuity and cunning. The story “Billy Badlands, the Conquering Wolf” was first published in Russian as part of the collection “The Beast”.


2. “Domino. The Story of a Black and Brown Fox by Ernest Seton-Thompson (from Animal Stories)

In Animal Tales, the story of Domino is especially noteworthy. The black fox cub stood out against the background of brothers and sisters with dexterity and cunning. From early childhood, he had an enemy – a farmer’s puppy who lived near the fox hole. They grew up together and constantly clashed, but Domino always managed to outsmart the dog.

Hunting in a chicken coop, already an adult black-brown fox became the main enemy of man. So the hunt for Domino began. To avoid death, he will have to show miracles of dexterity and ingenuity. Seton-Thompson does not even hide the fact that his sympathies are on the side of the brave fox, and not at all people.


3. The Call of the Wild by Jack London

A young playful dog named Back grew up on a farm in warm California. But he was stolen and taken to Alaska, where he fell into the hands of gold miners. In harsh natural and weather conditions there is no place for affection. The dog is fastened to a heavy harness and forced to work. From a pet, Buck turns into an almost slave. He will have to adjust to his new life.

The story of this hero is somewhat similar to the life of London itself. He was also born in a sunny state, but moved north. It was there that he first encountered sled dogs and was inspired by their stamina and endurance.


4. “About the elephant”, Boris Zhitkov

Sailors who arrived in India at the beginning of the last century saw an elephant for the first time. He impresses them not only with his size, but also with his wisdom and slightly haughty demeanor. The elephant shows travelers the way to his master’s house and demonstrates how he can draw water from a well. People began to use the agility and strength of these animals to work in logging.

Boris Zhitkov was not only a writer, but also a traveler. In his stories, he transferred the experience experienced during trips to exotic countries. “About the Elephant” is a story not only about a giant unusual for Russia, but also about the traditions and life of mysterious India.


5. “About the Monkey”, Boris Zhitkov

A classmate offers a twelve-year-old boy to take home an outlandish animal. So a new tenant appears in an ordinary apartment – the macaque Yashka. In appearance, a small and shy Yashka quickly settles down and begins to manage. He jumps on the furniture, demands sweet treats and attacks the dog, becoming the king of beasts in the yard. The boy and his parents will now have to somehow get along and reckon with the furry family member.


6. “White Bim Black Ear”, Gavriil Troepolsky

This is an incredibly touching and sad story about a white dog with a black ear. When his owner is admitted to the hospital, Bima is taken care of by a neighbor who cannot cope with her duty.

Through the perception of the dog, Troepolsky actually talks about people. On the way Bim comes across those who want to help him, but there are those who are cruel to the dog. This story is primarily about kindness, love, devotion and how one good deed could prevent a tragedy.


7. “Fomka – a white bear cub”, Vera Chaplina

The inhabitant of the zoo, the bear cub Fomka, attracted attention with an unusually meek disposition for such a formidable beast. He was modest, never went to conflict, got along well with the rest of the cubs, and the tiger cub became his best friend. Only here with people the bear behaved uninhibitedly and often made fun of the caretakers.

Vera Chaplina worked at the Moscow Zoo. It was then that she wanted to write about her wards. Even after leaving her former position and taking up literature, Chaplin made animals the main characters of her works. The result of her work was the collection “Pets of the Zoo”, in which she showed the life of the otter Naya, the elk Loska, the cat Tsutsykarikha, the walrus Nyurka and many others.


8. “Smart dog Sonya”, Andrey Usachev

The mutt Sonya was nicknamed the royal not only because of the name of her owner Ivan Korolev, but also because of her majestic appearance. The curiosity of the dog constantly drags her into all sorts of interesting adventures. Either she becomes ill from the mustard, which she tried for the sake of interest, or she played too much in losses and lost sight of the owner.

But Sonya is smart enough to make out of every situation …






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