17 sex games that will diversify your intimate life

17 sex games that will diversify your intimate life

17 sex games that will diversify your intimate life

August 21, 2021

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17 sex games that will diversify your intimate life


Sex games that you can organize without spending

1. Love messages

One partner draws or writes something nice on the other’s body. The “canvas” is a bare back or a more intimate place. A brush or pencil is optional. Your instrument could be your finger or even your tongue. The task of the second participant is to guess what is written or drawn by feeling.

2. Cups of desires

Cut out small cards from paper. Come up with each of 10 intimate tasks for each other and, without naming, write them down – one on a card. Ask for what brings you the most pleasure. If there is not enough imagination, peep a couple of ideas in porn.

Fill two bowls with papers. In the first – tasks for him, in the second – for her. During the game, take it in turns to take one random card from your bowls and complete the tasks that come across.

If you lack variety in bed, this game will help you add new colors.

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3. Looking for honey

Blindfold your partner. For this, a scarf, a belt from a dressing gown or a tie will fit. Undress, take honey and apply a drop to any part of your body. The partner should explore you with lips and tongue until he finds the sweet. Then you can switch roles. If you want to add a competitive element, time your search. Whoever gets to the honey faster will win.

4. Truth or Dare

Another game with tasks, but more sophisticated. Cut out a couple dozen cards from paper. Take half and write on each of them a sexual task and a provocative question, the answer to which you would like to hear. For example, “How do you feel about threesomes?” or something even more spicy. The remaining cards must be filled in by the partner in the same way.

Shuffle all the papers and pull them one by one. The player who takes the card chooses what his partner does: complete the task or answer the question.

If you want excitement, use a dice. The one whose throw scores more points gets the right to draw a piece of paper.

5. Sex timer

Take your smartphone and set a timer for 5 minutes. During this time, you and your loved one should caress each other, refraining from penetration. As soon as the signal sounds, you can not limit yourself. If desired, start the timer twice: first, one partner takes the initiative, then the second.

If your sex has become a routine without foreplay, this game will help you fix it.

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6. Strip guessing game

Ask your partner questions about yourself. For example, “Who is my favorite writer?” or “Which dessert do I prefer?” – anything. The correct answer gives the guesser the right to remove one thing from you. And after three wrong ones, switch roles. This will not only warm you up before sex, but also allow you to get to know each other better.

7. Yes, no, maybe

Your loved one lists what he would like to try in bed. And you respond to every offer. If you say “yes”, the partner does what was said. If “no”, he asks further. If “possible”, he tries to convince you. You can switch roles next time.

In this unobtrusive way, it’s easy to explore each other’s preferences and try new things.

8. Random caresses

Cut out 20-30 small cards and divide them into two decks. On pieces of paper from the first half, write one part of the body. For example, neck, chest, buttocks. On each card from the second, indicate some kind of sexual action: stroking, kissing, licking, and so on. Shuffle each deck and place them side by side.

The player draws two random pieces of paper – one of the two piles. Thus, he has a task like “kissing the neck” or “stroking the chest.” After completion, it is the partner’s turn.

9. Mirror

Undress and stand opposite each other. One of the partners starts the game by kissing or stroking the other. The second answers him, synchronously caressing the same places. Thus, you can show your partner without words what you expect from him.

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Store-bought board games for adults

1. Party in bed

The game contains over 200 cards with different instructions. Performing them, you have to answer intimate questions, as well as undress and satisfy each other in the most incredible ways. For some tasks, you will need accessories: a feather, a tie and a stocking. All of them are included.

2. In Love

Players take turns completing the tasks written on the cards. Their content may include both modest romantic questions that will allow you to…






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