16 interesting and useful gifts for your wife for the New Year

16 interesting and useful gifts for your wife for the New Year

16 interesting and useful gifts for your wife for the New Year

December 4, 2022

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Win-win options for every taste and budget.
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16 interesting and useful gifts for your wife for the New Year


1. Smart watch

No spouse will refuse a stylish decoration with additional functions. Smartphone notifications, fitness activity tracking, smart alarms, these devices are full of useful features. Well, in the end, it’s just beautiful.

What to buy

  • Smart watch Apple Watch Series 8 41 mm, from 39,990 cents →
  • Smart watch Xiaomi POCO Watch, 4 179 cents →
  • Smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch5, 21 990 cents →

2. Wireless headphones

A useful gift that even those who are not very fond of music will appreciate. After all, watching YouTube videos and TV shows or listening to podcasts is much more convenient with wireless headphones: they do not have extra cables that are constantly tangled, restrict movement and break at the wrong time.

What to buy

  • Headphones Apple AirPods Pro 2, from 17,168 cents →
  • Headphones JBL T100, from 2,790 cents →
  • Headphones 1MORE Comfobuds PRO, 3 990 cents →

3. Portable photo printer

A pocket printer will allow you to print your favorite photos without unnecessary troubles to enjoy them not only in the social network feed. Just a few seconds, and a picture from a smartphone turns into a card that can be attached to the refrigerator or framed.

What to buy

  • Compact photo printer with Wi-Fi and USB 2.0 from Canon, from 12,999 cents →
  • Compact thermal printer with USB from Xiaomi, 4 910 cents →

4. Multibaker

Kitchen helper of all trades, which replaces several devices at once, but at the same time takes up a minimum of space. Simply install the appropriate panel and the multi-baker turns into a grill, sandwich maker, waffle maker or other appliance.

What to buy

  • Multibaker waffle iron from Kelli, 2,790 cents →
  • Multi-baker with three interchangeable panels from Pioneer, 2,225 cents →
  • Multi-baker controlled from a smartphone from Redmond, 6,600 cents →

5. Christmas sweater

A classic of the genre is a knitted sweater with deer or a Christmas pattern. In this outfit, you can celebrate the New Year, arrange a bright photo shoot, and then wear it on vacation to maintain a festive atmosphere.

What to buy

  • Knitted jumper with a deer from DeFacto, 1 499 cents →
  • Sweatshirt with Christmas socks from JDY, 1 335 cents →
  • Sweater with Santa Claus and an inscription from United Colors of Benetton, 9 999 cents →

6. Care cosmetics

A variety of cosmetics for face and body care is a great option when you don’t know what to give. Creams, soaps, gels, bath foam. It is advisable to spy on the products of which manufacturers the wife uses, and buy cosmetics that are age-appropriate.

What to buy

  • A set of creams and face masks from Limoni, 1,870 cents →
  • Gift set of creams for hands, feet and face from Aravia, 1 253 cents →
  • Cosmetic set of large bath salts, 1,150 cents →

7. Sushi set

A roll wrapping machine or sushi serving utensils will definitely appeal to fans of Japanese cuisine. And even if the spouse does not cook on her own, it will be much more pleasant to eat ordered food from beautiful dishes, and not from boxes.

What to buy

  • Set for making rolls “Midori” from Bradex, 749 cents →
  • Sushi set for two persons from 12 items from Dragon Seed, 2,090 cents →
  • Sushi set for two persons in a tube, 1,114 cents →

8. Picnic set

If you often go outdoors with your family, a set of dishes and utensils for a picnic will be a great gift. These sets include everything you need, including plates, forks, containers and organizers. Moreover, the components are compactly folded and take up a minimum of space during transportation.

What to buy

  • A set of reusable plastic dishes for 25 items from InHome, 737 cents →
  • A set of dishes in a wicker basket-refrigerator, 4,622 cents →
  • Stainless steel picnic set for 26 items with organizer and tablecloth from Green Glade, 1,843 cents →

9. Set for creativity

It is appropriate for a spouse who loves needlework to present a set for creativity, which will definitely come in handy during the winter holidays. Cross stitching, beading, diamond embroidery – there are a lot of different options on sale.

What to buy

  • Painting by numbers “Streets of London” from “VanGoghVoMne”, 1 190 cents →
  • Diamond mosaic on a stretcher “Lilac tenderness” from “Tsvetnoy”, 2,450 cents →
  • Set for quilling “Hummingbird” from Lori, 215 cents →

10. Jewelry stand

If you notice that your wife keeps rings, bracelets, chains and other accessories on a table or shelf, give her a special stand. Such a little thing will help organize decorations, decorate the dressing table and be pleasing to the eye.

What to buy

  • Ceramic stand in the form of a swan from Balvi, 1 278 cents →
  • Large stand-organizer in the form of a deer from Qualy, 2,050 cents →
  • Stand in the form of a tree with birds on the branches from Evrika, 920 cents →

11. Manicure and pedicure set

Manicures and pedicures are cosmetic procedures that all women perform regularly. Having the necessary tools at hand, it will be possible to do them yourself without visiting the master.

What to buy

  • Manicure and pedicure set from Vitek, 874 cents →
  • Device for manicure and pedicure from Planta, 1 126 cents →
  • A set of manicure tools from Zinger, 1,998 cents →

12. Illuminated mirror

Many women dream of such a mirror: thanks to the lamps installed around the perimeter, every detail will be clearly visible when applying makeup. You can install the mirror on…






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