15 useful gifts for the birth of a child

15 useful gifts for the birth of a child

15 useful gifts for the birth of a child

June 27, 2021Educational programHolidays
We have collected everything that will definitely come in handy for new parents.
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15 useful gifts for the birth of a child


1. Video baby monitor

The video baby monitor will allow young parents to move away from the newborn at a decent distance and at the same time remain aware of his activities. And also – to respond quickly if their personal presence is suddenly needed. The gadget usually consists of two devices: a camera that is installed near the child, and a parent screen to monitor what is happening.

Often the device has two-way audio, thanks to which it will be possible to calm the baby without approaching him. Many models also include temperature sensors to create an optimal microclimate in the nursery, pre-installed lullabies, feeding reminders and other useful features.

What to buy

  • Video baby monitor with parent unit, camera, climate sensors and smart watch from Samsung, 26,490 cents →
  • Video baby monitor with parent unit and camera from AngelEye, 5 980 cents →
  • Video baby monitor with a parent unit and a camera from Motorola, 6,460 cents →

2. Backpack

A comfortable roomy backpack will never be superfluous. But as a gift for the birth of a child, it is worth considering a model specially created for parents. Its main difference lies in the increased internal volume and the presence of a mass of pockets, compartments and elastic bands.

In such a backpack you can easily place diapers, diapers, bottles, toys, change of clothes, wet wipes and other items. In a word, take with you everything that you may need during a walk or hike somewhere. Some models also have thermal pockets for transporting food and drinks, attachments to a stroller and other chips.

The accessory has wide breathable shoulder straps, adjustable in length. They will not cut into the skin and will help to evenly distribute the load.

What to buy

  • Backpack with a mount on the stroller from Forest kids, 1 350 cents →
  • Backpack with a thermal pocket for food and drinks from Kinderkraft, 4,000 cents →
  • Backpack from AliExpress, 1 298 cents →

3. Mobile

A mobile is a pendant with toys of different shapes, colors and sizes. It is attached above the crib, stroller and any other resting place for the baby. Some models are equipped with musical accompaniment and a special mechanism that automatically rotates attached objects.

Toys spin, music plays – and this helps to entertain the child. Thanks to this, he will lie quietly in the crib for at least half an hour. And he will also be able to touch and examine colorful pendants: to explore the world through touch, to train vision, hearing and muscle tone.

What to buy

  • Music mobile with soft toys from Mothercare, 2 999 cents →
  • A mobile with a rotation mechanism, light and sound effects from Infantino, 4,406 cents →
  • Musical mobile with a rotation mechanism from Heng Run Toys, 777 cents →

4. Children’s dishes

When choosing a gift, be guided by when the items will be used. If you want new parents to immediately appreciate the benefits of the present, pay attention to the various bottles with measuring spoons.

If the option for growth is allowed, take a closer look at sets consisting of non-spill plates and spoons. They are made of safe materials, attached to the table with suction cups and help to feed the child without fear that he will knock over the plate and soil everything around.

What to buy

  • A set of drinking bowls, non-spill plates, cutlery and a bib from Mothercare, 5,190 cents →
  • A set of bottles and nipples on the mount from Canpol Babies, 946 cents →
  • A set of non-spill plates, lids and spoons from Mum&Baby, 511 cents →
  • A set of two plates, a glass and cutlery for older children from Kroshka Ya, 722 cents →

5. Jewelry box or photo album

A box for storing milk teeth, the first strand of hair and a tag from the hospital can be safely given to sentimental parents. If you are sure that the couple wants to keep in memory as many iconic moments as possible until the child grows up, then it is better not to come up with an option.

It can be just a beautiful box or a specialized model that has compartments for each tooth. Or even a full length album. There are just suitable options on sale, in which, in addition to cells for photographs, there are caskets and envelopes for storing everything important, places for recording first achievements, a stadiometer and other cool additions.

What to buy

  • A set of a frame for a photo and casts for the hands and feet of a child from the “Tenth Kingdom”, 990 cents →
  • Album with space for writing and storing teeth and hair “My first year. Album about how I grow up” from the publishing house “Eksmo”, 959 cents →
  • Music box for storing milk teeth, 781 cents →

6. Books

The main rule when choosing a book is to remember that it is intended for the child, and not for his parents. And it is more interesting for children to watch large colorful pictures and listen to the voice of dad or mom, regardless of what fairy tales and stories they read.

In addition, pay attention to books for early development. Usually these are products that are pleasant to the touch with soft covers, voluminous illustrations, bows, fasteners and other eye-catching elements. Classes with such publications will help develop fine motor skills and tactile perception.

What to buy






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