15 services and applications with beautiful wallpapers for your desktop

15 services and applications with beautiful wallpapers for your desktop

15 services and applications with beautiful wallpapers for your desktop

July 6, 2016Web ServicesTechnology
There are never too many wallpapers for your desktop. To make it easier for you to find beautiful images, we have collected 15 services and applications with excellent collections of wallpapers for your devices.
Photo by Alexander Marfitsin

Alexander Marfitsin

15 services and applications with beautiful wallpapers for your desktop




Dribble is an online service for publishing the work of designers, illustrators and photographers. Often there are also beautiful wallpapers for the desktop. You can find them by searching.

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Pinterest collects beautiful pictures from all over the Internet, and it’s easy to find interesting screensavers there. Try, as with Dribble, relevant search terms.

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Deviant Art Wallpaper

DeviantArt is the largest online image gallery that also includes desktop wallpapers.

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Desktop Nexus

1.5 million library of screensavers with a breakdown into categories and automatic selection of image resolution for the monitor.

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A simple service with a convenient search for wallpapers. If you can’t decide on a choice, then just click on Random.

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Interface lift

This site contains wallpapers based on high quality pictures taken by professional photographers.

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Simple Desktops

Fans of minimalism should pay attention to this service with a telling name. Here are collected simple and nice looking wallpapers.

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Digital Blasphemy

And if you like volumetric 3D wallpapers, then you are here. You will not find another such collection of images.

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Psiu Puxa

This wallpaper is just space, in every sense of the word. The creators of the service manually select the best space images taken by NASA and the European Space Agency.

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Lifehacker Motivational Wallpaper

Recently, we have compiled a selection of motivating wallpapers for every day for the desktop of computers, iPhones and Android smartphones.

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Irvue contains a collection of fantastic wallpapers for OS X. The application can not only change them automatically at a given time, but also turn on a dark theme depending on the color scheme of the photo.


Price: Free


Another program for automatically changing wallpaper on your desktop. Bonus is a Chrome extension that shows wallpapers in a new tab.

appbox fallback https://apps.apple.com/en/app/1000397973
appbox fallback https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gfnglnppkpcidjclgbokfckkijgmjhib?hl=ru


The wonderful WLPPR service, created by Yandex Lead Designer Sergey Minkin, has been around for a long time. There are collected satellite images of the most interesting places on our planet, which are just asking for a desktop.

appbox fallback https://apps.apple.com/en/app/991182525

Google Meter

Google experiment – live wallpaper with useful information. After installing the Meter application, the user has three options for live wallpapers, containing indicators of the current battery level, network and Wi-Fi signal quality, and the number of notifications.

appbox fallback https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.androidexperiments.meter&hl=ru&gl=ru


A cool collection of Material Design wallpapers that blend perfectly with the Android interface.

Cover: kantver/depositphotos.com
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