13 books on psychology that will help you better understand other people

13 books on psychology that will help you better understand other people

13 books on psychology that will help you better understand other people

October 14, 2019


Works on how to read emotions, recognize lies and understand human characters. Recommended by psychologists.
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Ksenia Zhevlakova

13 books on psychology that will help you better understand other people


1. “Games that people play. Psychology of human relationships”, E. Bern

Ilya Shabshin
psychologist-consultant, author of books on popular psychological topics, leading specialist of the Volkhonka Psychological Center

Berne’s model of the Inner Parent, Inner Adult, and Inner Child is something that anyone who wants to understand other people (and themselves as well) would love to know.

An international cult bestseller worth reading for those who are ready to go beyond the usual life scenarios, want to understand the motives of their actions and the behavior of other people and find out why conflicts arise. Berne believes that a person can change his destiny if he wants to.

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2. “Variety of human worlds”, P. V. Volkov

The author calls his work “a guide to the prevention of mental disorders.” He writes about the originality of characters and their subtypes, pays attention to interpersonal relationships, mental disorders and analyzes specific cases from his practice.

The best book about the characters of people in Russian.

Ilya Shabshin

The work calls for assessing a person based on his characteristics and helps to understand how to treat others with tolerance and why this should be done. Why figure it out? To prevent painful situations that arise due to a lack of understanding.

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3. “Red pill. Face the truth!”, A. V. Kurpatov

Oleg Ivanov
psychologist, conflictologist, head of the Center for Settlement of Social Conflicts

Andrey Kurpatov is not just a psychiatrist and a doctor, he popularizes psychology and psychiatry, gives the common man the opportunity to get acquainted with important ideas that can later be successfully applied in life.

Based on the results of research in the field of neurophysiology and neurobiology, the author tells in an accessible language how the human brain works, why it deceives us and whether something can be done about it.

The popular science work teaches you how to interact with other people and tells you how to competently use your brain to solve important problems. This book is for those who want to get rid of illusions and look at their lives from a new perspective.

The Red Pill is the first book in a trilogy. It also includes Mind Halls. Kill the idiot in yourself” about how to make the brain work for you, and “Trinity. Be more than yourself”, dedicated to three types of thinking.

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4. “Characters and personality disorders”, V. P. Rudnev

Inna Semikasheva
Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology, Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University. I. N. Ulyanova

Reading, however, for intellectual readers, but very exciting. Talks about the main types of characters using examples from classical literature.

Each person is unique, and character determines how we perceive reality and look at the same things. And in order to understand other people, you need to know how each of them sees this world.

The book will help change the perception of yourself and the people around you and make you relate to your own mistakes in a different way. This is a work about the peculiarities of human characters, defense mechanisms and personality and mental disorders, including depression, hallucinations and paranoia.

5. “On the characters of people”, M. E. Burno

Larisa Milova
family psychologist, process psychotherapist, genetic psychologist and trauma therapist

The essay helps to understand the “naturalness” of people’s weaknesses (including one’s own), difficult feelings and actions. It describes the attitude of each character quite well.

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, doctor of medical sciences and professor M. E. Bruno reveals the essence of various characters and gives examples from his practice. The professor analyzes the type of famous writers, poets, artists and musicians, and using the example of their work explains the features of each character.

Perhaps in the descriptions you will find yourself or your loved ones and understand why relationships develop with some, but not with others. Finally fix the situation.

Burno’s work is recommended by the Department of Psychotherapy, Medical Psychology and Sexology of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education and the Professional Psychotherapeutic League as a textbook on psychotherapy.

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6. “Accentuated Personalities”, K. Leonhard

The term “accentuation” was introduced by Leonhard. Under it, he understood overly pronounced character traits, which are an extreme version of the mental norm and border on a pathological condition.

The book is written in a lively and simple language, so it is quite suitable not only for professionals, but for all those interested in psychology.

Larisa Milova

In the work, which has become one of the most popular in the field of psychiatry, the author conducts a psychological analysis of accentuated personalities and analyzes …






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