10 series for the whole family to watch

10 series for the whole family to watch

10 series for the whole family to watch

November 4, 2021Educational programKino
You will be delighted and entertained by little Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, a rebellious poet and a perky red-haired orphan.
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10 series for the whole family to watch


1. Lost in space

Lost in space

  • United States, 2018 – present.
  • Fantasy, drama, detective, adventure, family.
  • Duration: 2 seasons.
  • IMDb: 7.3.
Shot from the series “Lost in Space”

Spaceship J2 with dozens of colonists on board flies to one of the planets of the nearest star system. But a few light years from their destination, the starship crashes.

The Robinson family manages to survive, but their lander crashes on an uninhabited planet far from its intended destination. And this new house is not very welcoming.

The original Lost in Space series, released back in 1965, was popular in the United States, but few people in Russia have heard of it. The authors of the remake presented the old story in a modern way: thus, the show became more complex from a dramatic point of view. Now it raises important family and social issues.

But at the same time, there are many naive and touching moments in Lost in Space. And for watching with children, this series is just perfect.

2. Dickinson


  • United States, 2019–2021.
  • Biography, drama, comedy.
  • Duration: 2 seasons.
  • IMDb: 7.4.

Young Emily Dickinson dreams of becoming a famous poetess. But she was not lucky enough to be born in 1830, so a career in literature is closed for the heroine, because she is a woman. However, this does not prevent Emily from filling notebooks with verses.

The Apple TV + series tells about the youth of the American poet Emily Dickinson, who gained fame only after her death. But at the same time, the authors adapted the biography of a celebrity so that teenagers will be happy to watch the show. After all, everything here is modern: language, humor and even music.

3. Dash and Lily

Dash & Lily

  • USA, 2020.
  • Melodrama, comedy.
  • Duration: 1 season.
  • IMDb: 7.5.

Teenage Dash hates Christmas. On the eve of the holiday, the hero finds a red notebook on one of the shelves of the bookstore. There, a mysterious stranger left several puzzles intended for the one who discovers the thing. The owner of the notebook turns out to be Dash’s age named Lily, who is thus looking for a friend.

The love story of two young New Yorkers is told so chastely that even very young children are not ashamed to show the series. But some adults may find the show too cloying. In addition, there will certainly be some viewers who will find the line about homosexual romantic relationships inappropriate for minors.

If you are a person of open views and at the same time do not mind watching the most cute and kind rom-com, where absolutely all the characters will be happy at the end, feel free to turn on this series.

4 Sheldon’s Childhood

Young Sheldon

  • United States, 2017 – present.
  • Comedy.
  • Duration: 5 seasons.
  • IMDb: 7.5.
Shot from the series “Childhood of Sheldon”

The Big Bang Theory spin-off follows the childhood of infantile genius Sheldon Cooper, who was undoubtedly the most memorable of all the characters on the show. According to the plot, the hero is still quite small, but he is already so ahead of his peers in the development that he studies with high school students.

But at the same time, the child has no idea how to communicate with others, and does not particularly want to do this. Because of this, a lot of problems arise, but Mary’s mother supports her son in everything, because she is sure that with such abilities he will go far.

You can watch the series without knowing the original source. But only fans of the original will be able to appreciate how perfectly young Ian Armitage reproduces the mannerisms and intonation of Jim Parsons.

5. Dark beginnings

His Dark Materials

  • UK, US, 2019 – present.
  • Fantasy, drama, adventure.
  • Duration: 2 seasons.
  • IMDb: 7.9.

The action takes place in a world where all power is in the hands of a religious organization called the Magisterium. At some point, children begin to disappear all over the country. The main character, the young orphan Lyra Belacqua, also loses a friend. With the search for the heroine, the mysterious official Marisa Colter promises to help, but the question is whether she should be trusted.

The series based on the trilogy of the same name by Philip Pullman will be of interest to absolutely everyone. Young viewers will fall in love with the unusual world and fantasy in the spirit of Harry Potter, while older audiences will discern ethically ambiguous overtones and even criticism of religion.

6. Wanda/Vision


  • USA, 2021.
  • Fiction, fantasy, action, drama, comedy.
  • Duration: 1 season.
  • IMDb: 8.0.

Newlyweds Wanda and Vision arrive in the small town of Westview. A married couple goes about their usual business: the husband goes to work, the wife cooks dinner and chats with a neighbor. But gradually the heroes realize that everything that happens is unreal.

The series of the Marvel universe, which opens the fourth phase, turned out to be really unusual. The show bizarrely combines the stamps of classic American sitcoms from different decades and the usual superheroes. As a result, children will rejoice at the next meeting with their favorite characters, and adults will appreciate the references to the classics of television and…






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