10 hot sex without penetration

10 hot sex without penetration

10 hot sex without penetration

October 2, 2021

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Rimming, lingam massage or frottage – find your option.
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Ekaterina Komissarova

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10 hot sex without penetration


There can be dozens of reasons for non-penetrative sex. You may have run out of condoms. Or a partner’s period. Or maybe you’re both recovering from an infection. Or they have recently become parents, and the gynecologist has not yet recommended penetrative sex.

In general, it does not matter: whichever option is yours, it is absolutely normal. Penetration is far from the only goal of intimate relationships. Here are ten hot types of sex that do not require insertion of the penis into the vagina.

1. Sex with toys

If you don’t already have a vibrator, maybe now is the time to invest in this pleasure. Vibrators are different – you can choose a model for vaginal or anal penetration, and for external use (for example, clitoral stimulation).

Be sure to take a lubricant with the vibrator, preferably a universal one – water-based. This is important so as not to ruin sex with uncomfortable friction.

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2. Frottage

The name of this sex technique comes from the French verb frotter – β€œto rub”, including against someone. Frottage – this is the friction of the genitals on the partner’s body, and it does not matter whether he is undressed or dressed. For example, a girl may rub her crotch against her partner’s knee. And the man – to press the erect member to the back, waist, arm or thigh of the partner.

3. Petting

Petting is caresses of a sexual nature, but without penetration. Petting includes hot tender hugs seasoned with kisses, erotic massage, mutual masturbation. They, like frottage, can also be practiced in clothes – this is an actual protective measure for those who are afraid that they will not be able to stop in time.

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4. Spanish sex

It is intramammary sex. They do it like this: a man places his penis between the breasts of a partner lying on his back and begins to make reciprocating movements. The girl, in turn, squeezes her breasts with her hands in order to clasp the penis as tightly as possible.

So that Spanish sex does not cause discomfort, apply a lubricant or massage oil generously on your chest in advance and generously.

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5. Intrabial sex

Despite the complicated name, everything is simple with this type of intimate contact: the penis is clamped between the girl’s calves, while the man makes reciprocating movements. Naturally, the caviar must be generously lubricated with lubricant.

Intrabial sex can be done in different positions. For example, a girl lies on her back, legs bent and calves tightly squeezed, and a man kneels in front of her. Or an option from behind: the partner leans over the table, lies on it with her whole body and bends her legs at the knees, reaching with her feet to the priests. The partner inserts the penis between the calves pressed against each other.

6. Intrafemoral sex

Approximately the same as intrabial, only instead of calves – female thighs. This kind of non-penetrative sex is more like a regular sexual intercourse than others. At least you can do it in the usual poses.

Pose “Spoons”

Illustration: ARTHA DESIGN STUDIO / Shutterstock

In this position, a man can caress his partner’s chest or crotch with his hand to please her.

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Pose with raised legs

Illustration: ARTHA DESIGN STUDIO / Shutterstock

The girl lies on her back and raises tightly clenched legs vertically upwards. A man kneels in front of her and inserts a member between her thighs.

Doggy style

Illustration: ARTHA DESIGN STUDIO / Shutterstock

This position allows you to make movements with a large amplitude, so a man will not have to restrain himself before an orgasm. In addition, the partner during the process has the opportunity to caress the girl’s breasts.

7. Sex between the buttocks

Everything is clear here: a man’s penis slides between the female buttocks (again, it is important to treat them well with a lubricant). During such sexual intercourse, it is easy to get an orgasm not only for a man, but also for a woman, because the penis stimulates the perineum and anus.

8. Lingam massage

This is one of the elements of tantric sex, during which the girl touches the penis with her palm or only with her fingers, strokes it, squeezes it, rubs it. The goal is to almost bring a man to orgasm, but slow down at the last moment and not allow ejaculation. Well, at least right away: approaches are worth …






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